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Customer survey of yoga centers in St. Petersburg

In a survey of consumers
Yoga 100 respondents participated Petersburg studios. 28% of respondents attend Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga 24%, 8% attend classes on meditation and 8% of yoga classes for pregnant women.

Most of the respondents attend yoga 2 times a week.
Collectively, the respondents also make up a large share of those who attend yoga 3 times or more per week.

Of all the respondents the most part engaged in yoga on the first of up to 3 years (31%).
More than 5 years do yoga 23% of respondents, and the same practice yoga at least six months.

The majority of respondents were in the age group from 21 to 30 years (62%).
The second largest age group from 31 to 40 years accounted for 15% of respondents.

The main reasons for which the respondents polled do yoga, are: improvement in the general state of health (25%), the removal of stresses and nervous tension (24%), physical activity (12%), improvement of muscular elasticity (12%) and others.

The most important criteria when choosing a yoga studio for the consumer are as follows:

· Qualified personnel,

· Proximity to home or to work,

· Price of attendance,

· Small amount involved in the group.

Guide yoga studio can affect almost all factors except one (proximity to home or work).
Respectively, leading the yoga studio you need to understand that consumers are sensitive to price. If in the central region, where concentrated most of the yoga studios, raise the price of the subscription, it is likely that some consumers will go to another yoga studio (where the subscription cost is cheaper).

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83% of respondents are satisfied with the services of yoga studios in which they zanimayutsya.Odnako it should be noted that consumers yoga studios are not always loyal to a particular yoga studio and are ready to change for several reasons.
The main reason is – a good offer for the price and quality of a nearby yoga studio (named 26% of respondents). In addition, 22% of respondents cited an increase in the cost of training yoga studio, as one of the reasons that they can change the yoga studio. Important for consumers is a commitment to a specific instructor: 22% of respondents are willing to go along with the instructor to another yoga studio.

According to the respondents, they lack in a yoga studio in which they are currently engaged in, the following options:

· Discounts to regular customers,

· Mirrors in the room,

· Free tea.

The majority of respondents do not use a yoga studio in any additional services (42%).
However, 16% attend massage, 11% – seminars, 10% – private lessons with an instructor, 10% purchase goods in the Yoga store.

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