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Secrets of the perfect yoga-photo shoot

Share photos of their practice has become part of modern
yoga culture. And if you also dream about professional photo shoot Yoga, in this article we will reveal some trade secrets, how to make the long-awaited photos surpassed your expectations.

Yoga photos become part of the daily lives of those who practice yoga.
For many, not a day goes without viewing new pictures the most flexible and powerful people from around the world. This opens up opportunities for communication, self-knowledge and inspiration. But sometimes it can cause undue sense of competition in yoga, and even envy. And this is the moment when you need to close instagram and return to take the “here and now” in his own practice.  

If you decide to capture the fruits of their practice in professional camera lens, remember that a beautiful yoga photoshoot requires intense effort and creativity from both the photographer and the model.
But the result is that you genuinely enjoy, give new strength and motivation for regular exercise in the future.

The great advantage is if you select a photo he practices yoga.
Understanding the inner body work and the emotional charge of each pose, it will be easier to tune in to you objectively see the strengths and weaknesses of your practice, to guide and adjust the detuning asanas during filming.

Secrets of the perfect yoga-photo shoot 13


Preparing for a photo shoot:

  • A few weeks before a photo shoot, pay special attention to the practice.
    Watch in a mirror, take pictures through the self-timer. Watch for facial expressions, learn to relax the facial muscles in difficult positions as possible.  

  • Make a list of asanas that you would like to photograph and take it with you to the place of the photo shoot.

  • Learn yoga accounts successful models in the social networks, you save your favorite photos.

  • Select 2 – 4 clothing options.
    If shooting is short can be limited to one suit. You may wish to add to your image jewelry, scarves, particular colors mat. Think about how best to lay hair.

  • Together with the photographer to select a place that will be the backdrop for asanas.
    As a rule, it is not less than two but no more than seven locations.

  • You may want to invite a friend on the photoshoot practice or teacher to make a few pairs of photos, or just for the friendly support and exchange of ideas in the process of filming.

Secrets of the perfect yoga-photo shoot 14

After a photo shoot:

Celebrate this day that you spent creating something beautiful together with another artist.

Be ready for the pain!
Photos can last several hours or even all day. That is much longer than the usual training. Usually, delayed onset muscle soreness after this inevitable.

  • Take a bath with salt

  • Sign up for a massage

  • Let yourself be softer restorative practice in the next days.

A few ideas from a professional yoga Photographer

And finally, a few secrets of successful photo shoot by a famous yoga-photographer Robert Sturman, which will be interesting both models and photographers:

Try shooting from low prospects . This will allow the subject to stand out from its surroundings. Pay attention to all forms of being behind the model and carefully choose the camera angles. But remember that low perspective is not suitable for standing poses, as in this case, the head will seem small in relation to the rest of the body.

Secrets of the perfect yoga-photo shoot 15

You do not necessarily need special place to withdraw his practice. This may be the city streets, the entrances of houses or even underground.

Secrets of the perfect yoga-photo shoot 16

Allow yourself to be present in the moment wherever you are . Take your time and try not to become someone else. Just breathe and be here and now. Let yoga happen to you and to those you are photographing. You do not need hundreds of empty photos. You need only a few, but real, genuine, full force.

Secrets of the perfect yoga-photo shoot 17

Wait until sunset for the masterpiece. A few minutes before sunset – a magical time for the birth of adorable photos. Special lighting transforms the entire space, filling it with mystery and grandeur. At sunset, I just take out my camera and start shooting, asanas can be very simple, but the setting sun turns them into masterpieces. If the sun is directly behind the photographer, try to choose an angle so that the shadow does not fall on a model of it.

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