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What are some mind-blowing facts about Yoga?

What are some mind-blowing facts about Yoga? 3

Yoga is an amazing practice, which can be called gymnastics for body and soul. But today this word has become so popular that in the pursuit of fashion many have forgotten what it really means. After all, yoga is not a physical exercise, not just a way to lose weight or develop a body. It is a way of life, spiritual development. And because the soul is in the body, and it is in turn – the temple of the soul, yoga takes care of the body and its energy conductivity. Today we want to present you interesting facts about yoga that will allow you to expand your knowledge about this wonderful practice, and, maybe, some of them will surprise you.

What are some mind-blowing facts about Yoga? 4


Fact # 1: Archaeological excavations in South America proved that yoga was known not only in India, but also in the American continent.

Fact number 2: It is known that yoga classes in Russia are used in training such professionals as rescuers, scouts and astronauts. And US servicemen perform the asan complex instead of morning exercises. Do yoga and swimmers-divers to a great depth, which allows them to quickly learn to hold their breath for up to three minutes.

Fact number 3: Yogic exercises have a stimulating effect on the human endocrine glands. Regular exercises and performing asanas normalize the hormonal background, reduce weight. Emotions become positive, sleep and memory improve.

Fact # 4: Through yoga, you can learn to hold your breath for a fairly long time. For example, some yogis can hold their breath for a period of half an hour to an hour and a half!

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Fact # 5: Pranayama – a special technique for controlling energy and breathing has a powerful effect on the body and emotional state. Controlling their breathing, yogis can breathe in a certain rhythm, alternately with both nostrils and represent the inhaled air colored in various colors.

Fact # 6: Regular yoga practice improves balance and ability to feel your body in space, what is called the scientific word “proprioception”. This is especially useful for the elderly, they become more confident in themselves and less turn to doctors.

Fact # 7: Yoga will help reduce the dose of drugs to those who take them very much and often. It will be possible for some to refuse from taking medications altogether, simply because they will not need them. This was shown by studies of people with diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma. Reducing the dose of medication also eliminates the many side effects they cause.

Fact No. 8: People suffering from chronic diseases, yoga practice, can reduce pain and relieve the emotional state.

Fact # 9: Yoga helps to increase hemoglobin levels, improve blood circulation and enrich the blood with oxygen. Thus, the risk of strokes and heart attacks decreases.

Fact number 10: Yoga can and should be practiced by everyone, regardless of age. There are classes for the elderly and for children, as well as yoga for pregnant women and yoga for beginners. This practice is suitable for any person and does not require special conditions for this – equipped halls or devices.

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