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The practice of yoga in the diagnosis of “uterine myoma”

Distribution of uterine fibroids among women ranges from 25-30%.
This pathology is relatively rare in women 20-30 years old, but its incidence increases significantly after the age of 35-40 years. Many women are wondering whether it is possible to practice yoga in the diagnosis of “uterine fibroids”?

Uterine fibroids is a benign tumor arising from cells myometrium (muscular layer of the uterus).
The causes of all tumors – the topic is very complex and has no definitive answers; the vast majority of tumors are formed as a result of a complex set of factors. It is considered that the development of uterine fibroids may be triggered by a variety of abnormalities in sex hormones. Manifestations of these hormonal abnormalities can be varied: menstrual disorders, menstrual disorders, fertility problems. However, fibroids are often diagnosed in women with no obvious abnormalities in hormonal levels. One evidence that fibroids occur under the influence of hormonal abnormalities – very frequent recourse fibroids after menopause, that is, after the decline in estrogen levels.

Fibroids are often asymptomatic and are random finding on ultrasound.
In other cases, uterine fibroids can be manifested by various symptoms: bleeding or heavy menstruation, urination disorders and constipation, infertility.

In general, the uterine myoma yoga practice can adhere to two strategic areas – depending on how the disease occurs.
In other words, the construction of practice we have to carry the case to one of two categories.

Category One: uterine fibroids manifested varying simtomatiku.
If the presence of fibroids is accompanied by heavy and prolonged menstruation (who correctly identify the bleeding), progressive growth (ultrasound confirmed the data in dynamics), menstrual irregularities, or if it comes to fibroids “on the leg” – in all these cases, the practice of yoga is possible, but it It is already clearly therapeutic in nature and is based on the principle of exclusion. That is excluded from the practice of techniques that can enhance the growth of fibroids, stimulate her blood circulation and in the case of fibroids “on the leg” – cause twisting legs and tumor necrosis. In this case, the practice is similar to the algorithm for training during pregnancy. Of performed excluded abdominal manipulation techniques (
agnisaradhautiKriya , uddiyana- bandha and nauli ) Kapalabhati , intense exposure to the region of the abdomen and pelvis – mayyurasana , “closed” position torsional ardha matsiendrasany type (in which the hip is pressed against the abdomen) . Limited or excluded the use in practice it navasany and similar postures that increase pressure in the abdominal cavity. When the cervical location of fibroids should be careful with the technicians, engages the muscles of the pelvic floor (ashvini- wise and mule -bandha). It is clear that the severity of these limitations may vary individually in accordance with the specific situation, but on the whole of the above must be considered when building practices – which in this category cases constructed by process of elimination.

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Another category of cases – asymptomatic fibroids.
Cases in which uterine fibroids is the only ultrasound finding and does not manifest itself today are quite common and do not require such a strict approach to the construction of the practice of yoga. In this case, the practice can not limit and gradually introduce all of the above elements requiring attention when myoma. However, it requires regular ultrasonic testing (at least 1 time per year, but better – every 6 months), which would eliminate the fibroid growth.

Based on materials wildyogi.info December 2013

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