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Mantra OM

Mantra OM 3

Each new day gives us a chance to make our deepest desires in life. But first you need to overcome the obstacles standing in the way. Mantra is traditionally sung to begin a new effort with a positive energy and remove obstacles.

The sound of ” Om

” is the sacred sound of Hinduism. Besides the impersonation Hindu Trinity divine, it itself is the highest mantra symbolizing Brahma (ultimate reality) and the universe itself. Three sound in the word “Om” (AUM) represent the waking state of slumber and deep sleep. The silence that accompanies the “Om” is a “state of Turiya.”

The first of the three states of consciousness – waking state, represented by the sound “A”. State of slumber lies between the states of waking and deep sleep, and is represented by “u” sound, which is between the “A” and “M”. The last state of consciousness is a state of deep sleep, and is represented by the sound “M”. Whenever the “Om” is pronounced several times, there is a certain pause between successive pronunciation. This silence is a fourth state known as “Turiya,” which is a state of bliss, when a person is aware of his identity with the Supreme.

All sounds are sung on one note, without slots, equally loud. Sound “M” in length should be equal to the duration of all vowels. Inhale and exhale at the next, say the mantra. Sing-number “Om” in accordance with Indian tradition must be divisible by three. For example: 6, 9, 12, 15, … 108.

During the singing, imagine the limitless expanse of the universe. Feel how your body and your consciousness merges with cosmic rhythms. And your breath merges with the breathing space. Continue to sing ‘Om’, unless there is a feeling of discomfort. In order to avoid abrupt transitions from a state of trance in the real world, before opening the eyes, wait for 2-3 seconds, then open your eyes slowly. For those who are starting to practice the pronunciation of mantras, it is recommended not to overload yourself and limit 3-6 pronouncing ‘Om’.


After 7-10 days after the start of classes start learning mental reciting mantras. Read the mantra “Om” aloud, and without opening his eyes, try to do the same mentally. In this case, you should feel the same vibration as the voice by singing mantras. Continue to engage in at least 1-2 weeks. The criterion of success of the practice – the emergence of rustling sounds with mental chanting mantras.

Chanting “Om” drives away worldly thoughts, it helps to concentrate on the essentials and gives new strength to the body. When you feel depressed, chant the mantra ‘Om’ fifty times, and you will be filled with new strength and energy. Rhythmic pronunciation of “Om” make the mind calm and concentrated, affect the development of spiritual qualities that lead to self-realization. Those who meditate on the ‘Om’ on a daily basis, have enormous power. They have a twinkle in his eye and the light in their faces.

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