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Features of Adho Mukha Shvanasany

Features of Adho Mukha Shvanasany 3

Adho Mukha Shvanasana literally translates as “dog muzzle down.” In fact, this asana

resembles a dog that stretches himself, lowering his head and front paws down, the pelvis and hind legs to climb. This attitude can be attributed to standing poses, and to the slopes, and even inverted postures.

asana yoga , designed for recreation, as it helps to relieve fatigue and vitality returns. Of course, beginners yoga, that statement might seem strange. But it will take some time, and they will experience first hand a miraculous relaxation in the asana.

Adho Mukha Shvanasanu can do each day, even those who do not have regular opportunities to practice yoga.
This asana calms the brain and contributes to the renewal of brain cells. Regular practice of this
asana alleviates the shoulder blades, as well as helps with arthritis of the shoulder joint. Abdominal muscles are sent to the spine and strengthened. Since the diaphragm rises to the chest cavity, the heart rate slows. In addition, Adho Mukha Shvanasana detects almost all the body problems, and provides a chance to fix them. This asana easily noticeable problems in the spine, sacrum, shoulder joints, legs.

performance technique

option 1

Lie on your stomach and spread of the foot on the width of 30 cm. Place the palms on the floor on either side of the chest.
Straighten your fingers and point them in the direction of the head. With an exhalation lift your body off the floor. Straighten your elbows, stretch the head to the feet and lower the top of the floor. Pull the spine.

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Pull the kneecaps and pressed the heels to the floor.
Heels and soles should be firmly in contact with the floor and the foot itself – to be parallel to each other; fingers pointing straight ahead. Remain in position for one minute. Breathe deeply. On the exhale, lift your head off the floor, push the body forward and gently drop to the floor.

Option 2

Stand in Tadasanu and inhale bend over from the waist.
Lower the palms on the floor on either side of the stop. If you can not keep your legs straight, bend them slightly at the knees. In turn allot feet about 1.2 m back, and the feet should be on the same line, and hands should be on the same line. Plunging the kneecaps, lower the heel down.

Pull up inside of the arms from the elbows to the shoulders.
On the exhale, pull the base of the neck and try to lower the crown of the head on the floor. Remain in position for one minute. Breathe deeply. On the inhale gently lift your head off the floor. In turn, move the leg to the palm and back in Tadasanu.

A detailed analysis of the asanas

Feet should take the weight of the body, so push your heels into the floor.
If, due to a bad hamstring stretching ligaments can not get your heels to the floor, it is recommended to use blocks, or rest against the wall with his heels. Do not forget to pull your knees so as not to injure them. Gradually dilute the pelvic bones in the hand, to create a space inside and pull the spine better.

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begin to unfold when the weight goes to the foot. Toes well pressed to the floor apart, like rays of the sun. Shoulder muscles spinning “out”, creating space in the blades and in the neck. With the right hand turn muscles, neck and released in the cerebral cortex there is a rush of fresh blood.

The abdomen should be relaxed.
The ribs move slightly forward, helping to stretch the spine.

If this asana you do not feel comfortable, try using support materials.
For example, wooden blocks under the heels and hands behind his head Bolster, ropes and straps that will keep the pelvis.


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