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The benefits of yoga for the hip joints

Freedom of movement in the pelvic region is a prerequisite for the health of the whole body and the pelvic organs in particular.
Poor mobility of the hip joint may adversely affect the health of the reproductive system. It is particularly important to develop mobility and a good stretch of the region during the period of pregnancy. An important aspect is also a good blood circulation in the pelvic region, as stagnation of blood in the pelvis due to a sedentary lifestyle can cause varicose veins, which undoubtedly will affect the worsening of sexual function in both men and women.

Lack of flexibility in the hips can cause knee joint stress due to incorrect position of the thigh bone and the shin.
Back pain can be caused by stress often hamstrings and hamstring muscles, which leads to deformation of the lumbar spine.

The development of the mobility of the hip joint requires a long purposeful work with them.
Regular practice of yoga to hip joints will certainly bring positive results. Asanas, which directly affect the area of ​​the pelvis, will help to strengthen bone tissue, improve the elasticity of the ligaments and improve blood supply to this area, which is the best prevention of serious diseases of the reproductive system and protection from severe injuries of the hip bones in older age.

Regular and persistent work with the hip joints leads to the fact that they begin to produce more lubrication and nutrition.
Asana that push the pelvis form interarticular space where the lubricant can flow and the components of which are restored cartilage. Healthy cartilage serve as shock absorbers joints allow the bones to move smoothly relative to each other, so it is important to keep cartilage healthy as long as possible.

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Asanas for hip joints

Baddha Konasana stimulates circulation in the pelvic area, stomach and back, and thus helps in the disease urinary organs, promotes the proper operation of the ovaries. It found that women on a daily basis to perform it for a few minutes less likely to suffer from menstrual pain, and pregnant give birth easier and less likely to have varicose veins.

The benefits of yoga for the hip joints 15


II Virabhadrasana well strengthens muscles of legs, hips discloses reduces deposition of fat in the pelvis, relieves cramps in the muscles of thigh and calf, improves blood circulation in the abdominal organs.

The benefits of yoga for the hip joints 16

Gomukhasana good for the emancipation of the hip, as it eases cramps in the legs, improves the elasticity of the leg muscles and helps to reveal the shoulder joints.

The benefits of yoga for the hip joints 17

Supta Padangushthasana well affects the legs, improves blood circulation in the pelvis, hips liberating.

The benefits of yoga for the hip joints 18

Upavishta Konasana promotes blood circulation in the pelvic area, regulates the flow of blood, stimulates the activity of the ovaries. Regular performance of asanas easier childbirth and can reduce labor pain to a minimum. Pelvic area opens and loosens up, preparing the space for the passage of the baby.

The benefits of yoga for the hip joints 19

Utthita Papshvakonasana tones the legs and hip joints, relieve pain and congestion in the sacrum, a positive effect on the reproductive organs.

The benefits of yoga for the hip joints 20

Bakasana improves blood circulation in the coccyx and abdomen.

The benefits of yoga for the hip joints 21


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