How to Overcome laziness. 5 keys to not procrastinate

overcome laziness.  5 Keys to not procastinar

When making the decision to overcome laziness, we must bear in mind that it is not easy. Settling in the here and now, in the time that actually inhabit, which is none other than the present moment, is a help to begin the work not always leave things for tomorrow. Behind that laziness is the procastinación and in it a hidden feeling of fear of failure. Overcome laziness is a work of conscience. Our constant mental rumination causes psychological stress which does not facilitate the fair, leisurely meeting, serene and conscious of the present moment, and therefore, mired in a continuous stress, we tend to leave everything for tomorrow because, at bottom, or have installed the chip failure or argue with our time a bad relationship that makes overcome laziness is a titanic work we are always leaving tomorrow. Since the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness, you may begin to see that “leave things for tomorrow” takes no more than accumulation of things that cause us to feel even more stressed and more fear of failure. I offer 5 simple keys that will help you get out of the comfort zone (see video) where laziness is installed and you used to see what the failure is a “autoinvento” not to feel what really gives us life which it is the freedom of being, living and do from the here and now.


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Five Keys to overcome laziness without dying in the attempt


1. settle in the here and now. The continued state of “mental rumination” in which we normally have, puts us in a continuum of mental stress which hampers decision making. By constantly between the past and the future it was and that fails to arrive, together with the constant acceleration of time we live in , provokes a sense of frustration and fear of those who do not have enough keys to exit. Leave for tomorrow what you should do today is actually a symptom of laziness installed on your days. Overcome laziness is gripping you take the step to work and place your attention in the present moment. From there you will have greater equanimity, peace of mind and balance to better manage your time and abandon the fear of failure that, in fact, is what makes procastinemos constantly. It is from the here and now where we can achieve our goals and objectives

2. Organize your time. Overcome laziness, it has a lot of time management. In the era of globalization in which we live, we set the titanic struggle against time ago that we leave everything for the next day, because we are not aware of our actions in the here and now. You think that you have 24 hours you have to learn to manage, and if you remove those who use sleeping and coming “packaged” by obligations, we remain not too many to dedicártelas you. Among all the hours to see you loaded / a of activities that often do not even choose, causes a cumulative stress overcome laziness prevents you from where you are. Therefore, one of the first things you should do to stop procastinar, is to learn to manage your time well and be aware of their passage. I recommend a simple exercise to get you started to learn to stop and become aware of the present moment. (SEE TECHNIQUES TO LIVE THIS)

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3. Play with the minimetas. Often we procastinamos because we force ourselves or we get too ambitious goals and activities (not bad) but intend to make giant steps and we do not bother to view them from a more human perspective; more homespun. If you want to overcome laziness that leads you to constantly procastinando, the best you can do is break those goals, actions or goals into smaller goals. The “minimetas” will be leaving your allies to postpone activities. Kayzen technique is, for example, is used in the company and you can also install on your way to do. You can see a good explanation (Kaizen TECHNICAL)

4. The technique of post-it. You know those little papers of colors, Although we have phones, tablets, computers and other electronic devices, we all stuck everywhere to remember things ?. Yeah right!! Posits are. Well, when I moved to live in Granada from Madrid back in the summer of 2007, I had to restart my life in a place where I hardly knew anyone and had no activity no. He had come to start again. Well, every afternoon in a posit, scoring actions, activities and things he had to do, necessarily, the next day to escape from falling into the comfort zone. I made a small list of simple actions and even that had to do with everyday. That “simplicity” brand me helped me credible, simple goals, but that allowed me to live fully the beginning of a new life. I recommend that every afternoon / evening, before bedtime, perform a little review for the things you have to do and you make a list in a posit that will have to complete the next day. It will be a small game that will realize to overcome laziness. Between activities, I recommend you set a pause to make aware of your breathing and your body. It will be your antidote to stress.

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5. Press the start of the action. Like when the new or the year after a holiday comes and we get “stacks” thinking about the things we will do again and establishing ourselves goals and objectives that we meet during the year, settle a day when you take as a starting point for overcome laziness. It is the day when you’ll stop procastinar. It is the day when you’ll press the button “start” of your new life. Are you ready or prepared ?. ‘Then let’s do this !!

I hope these simple steps take you down the road to overcome laziness ends agobiándote not be able to carry out those things you propose. At the end of the day, let things get going, it’s an act of “avestrucismo” that instead of solving things, becomes complicated with the passage of time. Settle in the here and now through the practice of mindfulness, you will bring good benefits to know that we should not “leave for tomorrow what you have to do today” and do it from the serenity and inner peace that entails turn the focus of our consciousness in what I do now, because what is extraordinary in the everyday.

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