If you do not find your Ideal Couple, you are committing esta Error

If you do not find your Ideal Couple, you are committing this Error 3

There is a huge mistake that people make when they want to find the love of your life. In this article, we will tell you what is this error and how you can fix it so that you can much more easily find the relationship you want.

The biggest mistake people make when looking for love is that they believe that this relationship is going to complete. 

That is, they believe that they are missing something in their lives and that the other person will make that feeling go away. They believe in the better half! “You miss me” “Without you I’m not full” It ‘s like missing them a leg and get the prosthetic leg.

I will ask a question: Do you think you get a partner is the key to make you happy?

If you think this way (if only slightly) sorry to say you’re going to greatly disappoint. In fact, this way of thinking sabotages your experiences with your relationships. And here I’ll show you why and how to fix it:

1. People can feel someone who is eager to find a partner. 

Every time you approach someone you care from a position of inner emptiness (as if something is missing and will try to fill a hole) that person will detect it and all those around you too. That will make that person feel uncomfortable.

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When you’re sure of yourself, your vibrations will say: “It’s a pleasure to meet you , I’ll see if I want to spend time with you.” This will make them feel people intrigued you, calm and comforted.

But when you have that inner feeling of the need to find a relationship, the whole atmosphere changes. Vibration changes to: “Do you like me ? You love Me?” 

This energy is not attractive. In fact, it has the opposite effect on people, repels them. And this is a big problem if precisely those looking for love.

2. You attract experiences that match what you feel inside.

If you feel that something is missing in your life, then you will attract experiences that will prove that this feeling is real.

For example, if you’re worried about not finding a partner and these super concentrated not believe in getting it, continue to have the same old results. Experience appear in two specific ways: One is that you can be alone, and the other is that you find a partner that does not meet your expectations or you fill.

If you want a loving relationship last point is probably not what you’re looking for.

So, knowing all this what can you do about it ? How can you change to feel more sure of yourself, with a healthy self – esteem, comfortable with you, and certainly when looking for love?

This begins with the search “within you” sensations you think a relationship should give you, this relationship have before yourself.

I know it may sound skeptical, you might think it’s impossible to feel connected with one, loved and cared for without a partner. But if you can.

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The nicest thing is that once you find these feelings inside you, you will be much easier and more likely to find your ideal partner. People tend to distort this experience known as self – esteem . Self – love is simply seeking a sense of peace, happiness, joy, acceptance and finding love within.

This requires a calm mind, an open heart and a connection to the inner voice is required. Find self-love practicing yoga, meditating you will find self-love, self-esteem find by going to therapy, heart helping someone when you know yourself, you will find self-esteem also setting aside a time to be just with you.

Before dating you have to feel good about yourself if you want this good relationship also. It makes sense right?

By practice finding inner peace, vitality, happiness and fulfillment, the feeling of need to seek something external to feel full begin to disappear. And when that happens, ironically, everything you wanted including an incredible relationship, you will find the way to you.

A hug,

Elias Berntsson

(Source: Shelly Bullard – www.mindbodygreen.com)

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