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Everything is endowed with energy in the universe, from the densest to the subtlest, from the negative with a corresponding negative charge to the most positive and beneficial for our being with healthy and healing equivalent load. We issue the words of course also contain a type of energy that works in our favor when they are essentially based on love and inner peace.

In this regard, we found that Ho’oponopono is very hands toward this purpose. It is a coming technology Hawaii that states that all problems in our lives are the result of our memories of pain and erroneous thoughts, but they can be healed through forgiveness, and repeating conscious and often the words regardless the order in which they say: “I’m sorry, forgive me, I love you, thank you.” It is precisely the vibrational frequency of these words what heals thanks to the power they have to influence positively. It’s so easy to recognize that this is so you can try to say something or someone: “I hate you” and then say instead “I love you”. Obvious way, feel the difference both receiving word that pronounces like.

Of course not about reciting these words by simply saying them, but they are born from your heart and for this require making the conscious decision to let go of anything that is detrimental to your happiness, all that does not pay to grow and advance but you tight. Everything that obstructs the peace of your soul must leave it behind in the knowledge that’s how you really free yourself and quicken any load, so as you feed your spirit and therefore your life full of meaning.

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When you first start with this practice Ho’oponopono you need to fill a lot of patience because the larger and more noticeable results are given over time and depending on the frequency and consistency that you have incorporated this technique to your routine life.

But are not the only words full of positive energy. In fact, those are countless and up to you every time you go further increasing your repertoire of positive words. If you want you can call them “Magic Words” because they become a key access to wonderful opportunities. So, go ahead in the beautiful task of nurturing your vocabulary using words such as “Excellent”, “Magnificent,” “With pleasure,” “It’s a pleasure”, “super (a) You”, “What I can achieve “,” I trust me “,” I thank you, “” How kind you are, “” How well you look, “” Every time I feel better “,” stop worrying, that’s over “,” I love your company ” “Thank you for your time”, “Thank you for your patience”, “Thank you for existing” … etc. Remember also your words always impart an attitude that denote enthusiasm and generosity.

Regardless of whether the other person apathetic or not, perceive equally Give him some of your magic words, it is precisely this kind of people who need them most. It also seeks to surround yourself with those who are on the same page as you, who handled quite this kind of words you follow feeding back in this beautiful art of speaking positively.

The magic words can apply at any time and situation both in the sentimental field, and at work, in social, in education, in staff and others. This is much easier and natural to do when you come to train your mind to rescue the positive behind all apparently problematic situation. Yes, you can train effectively as when you go to the gym or going to practice some art for the first time. At first, like everything else, it is normal to feel a little strange with a new behavior so you’re not used to , but the time will come when it will integrate into your life completely.

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Learn new, involves unlearning old or that which no longer serves you. Therefore, taking increasing awareness of the power of positive words chosen to leave aside those that are limiting or come loaded with a pessimist meaning and lack of self-esteem: “Life is very hard,” “That’s impossible, “” Everything costs me a lot of work “,” This is killing me “,” no one can be trusted, “” I always happens to me “,” your fault “,” nobody cares about me “,” I am a disaster “,” How awful, “” Terrible “” worst “, etc. Planting and maintaining such words helps generate a heavy for you and for those around you and would not be anything unusual so the others will return equally negative words and so are confirmed your belief that what makes tense atmosphere it is fed back that dark way of seeing the world and so on is repeated the vicious circle.

The same goes in the opposite direction to the management of the magic words. Propitiate pleasant emotions and even help balance a difficult environment. For example: Imagine you are at work every tense in the bustle of the day for the report to be submitted to the head. But suddenly he appears and says: “Good day, I am very honored with the work of you, how well do, I congratulate” all will immediately reduce their burdens, is not it? Also surely they are shown grateful and complacent with the boss, who in turn will reiterate or reaffirm your positive attitude. What if the magic words the head toward yourself? It’s just what you need in all circumstances.

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So, be very present to apply this powerful tool the magic words. Enjoy what you say, also enjoy what you get through what you say and of course, you live consistent with what you say. That’s where the magic becomes reality and reality becomes magical.

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