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Asanas of Yoga – Kind of figure – Naklony – Pashchimotanasana

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Yoga – the basis of practice

The main message of this article – to inspire, to let be born conscious movement, first of all in agreement with me. Ambient conditions in this – become secondary; system names, terms – is the external reference points, indicating a certain way to pay attention to what is usually observed in the normal rhythm of […]

Which is the best yoga exercise to boost concentration? 1

Which is the best yoga exercise to boost concentration?

How to concentrate: concentration training If we do not think about someone, do not send him our energy, then the relationship ends quickly – a subtle connection disappears. It also happens with things, home. Without attention, everything is abandoned, empty, unnecessary. And vice versa – attention gives success to business, relationships, brings joy and luck to our lives. […]

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