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Pranayama as a remedy for stress

Many will be interested to know that even the simplest techniques of pranayama very good effect and help to overcome virtually any stress.
This is the foundation of health and success. 15 minutes a day of lessons breathing techniques can work miracles in your life.

Breathing – this is an automatic process, as a rule, no one does not make any conscious effort to breathe.
And with the help of various techniques of pranayama can be translated automatically, or unconscious, in a conscious process and at the same time achieve many goals. One of the goals – the development of the mind and calming the mind.

Lower quality make us live either in the past or in the future, make us think about the past, as well, it’s great regret about something, the mood of sorrow, nostalgia.
Or send us into the future, a person all the time it seems that the main thing would happen to him then, in the future. He lives his life and realizes that the main thing did not happen, because the future never comes. And so you can expect happiness and the best times of life … “Life is what happens to us as we plan for the future.”

And here is a man lives his life and his mind all the time arrives either in the past or in the future.
Typically, in such dreams, memories mind sleeps. This condition resembles sleep. Reason is included in the here and now, when we translate the unconscious into the conscious process. The whole pattern of our thoughts corresponds to the pattern of our breathing. Emotions that I experience, the state in which I find myself, my state of mind, of consciousness, is highly dependent on breathing. Breathing is dependent on the state of mind. Breathing we can control is always, not always wisely. The mind is endowed with a certain autonomy, it is like a small child. And you can learn to control the mind through breath control, as These two processes are very closely related to each other. Each state corresponds to a certain emotional breath.

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Pranayama gives vitality and calm the mind. Prana – the life energy that we get out of breath. Pranayama helps to control the mind, to become its owner. The restless mind, so we no longer feel self-imposed stress, conflicts, problems, and the more we get tired if you do not control your mind. To slow down the flow of thought, we need to slow breathing. One of the main goals of pranayama – fill our brain with energy. As soon as the mind through pranayama is enriched with energy, it calms down, the light go out more and more deep thoughts, and emotional problems. Increased life expectancy, reduced need for food, sleep, decrease all bodily needs. In contrast, the acquired mental strength, there is the ability to manage emotions, develops intuition.

To learn how to properly and regularly Pranayama, it requires patience and perseverance, as
frantic mind – he says foolish do, do not need this, anything that does not give, etc. But in the evolution of consciousness. Changing the mental train of thought, leaving fears and complexes, open our talents and creativity. The simplest pranayama is to monitor breathing. Sit up straight, straighten your spine, relax, feel, both during inhalation air flows into your nose, your lungs, how your chest rises. Then slowly exhale air exit sensations of lung and nose. For example, breath – 5 seconds exhalation – 10 seconds. With practice you can increase the duration.

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