Learning to Overcome and Succeed Me Every Day

Learning to outdo myself every day and succeed-for Bernardo Stamateas-The child only wants to give you what you ask, the adult what has grown. The child only fun, adult conquest. Everything you achieve will depend in direct proportion to what you are willing to grow. He expects to receive the child, but the adult needs to grow. The author of Acts of the Apostles, said: “As a kid talked and thought like a child, when I stopped being a child as an adult thought.” The adult can dominate, conquer and fight.

A very wealthy man asked what was the secret to success and said: “The successful people I know is decided, executive, thinks forty hours in what will do it analyzes and makes decisions”. There is a certain time during the growth process, which need to grow up and decide to grow. Look at this sentence:

“When you stop looking to take care of me, I take care. When you stop looking for me going all out, I will produce. When you stop looking for someone who fails triumph “.

The great players, before moving the pieces, studying seven plays forward, because they have to prepare the various alternative movements will. The same happens in our lives. If we want to grow and be a person able to make a difference, we must improve each day , overcome our roof, our limits, improve, take note, review, match the words, listen to a CD of matter that interests us over and over again … If you do not grow, nothing around you will grow. 

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We need to grow much more than the dream we have, because if not, the same dream crush us, since we will not know to manage it. If your company is growing faster than inside, the company will end up destroying the creator. We need to grow in intelligence and character. Many people have developed a great intelligence that allows them to achieve the objective and yet, when they reach the goal, no character to enjoy it.

While others have great character, but never reach the goal by lack of intelligence and strategies. So it is essential to develop the character and intelligence, so that when we get there, we can enjoy success. This anecdote explains this:

“On one occasion, an eagle had been willing to eat a fish he had seen in the water. He flew thousands of meters and, when he caught his prey with claws, the fish was so heavy that the bird could not take off or drop their prey. Finally, the eagle drowned. “

Thomas D. Jakes, an American pastor, said: “Get together with people who make you feel silly with people who have so much growth, so eager, beside you feel a fool.” When you grow, you take increasingly better decisions, no longer decide between good and evil, but between valuable and precious, between good and best. The more we grow, we will take better decisions. 

Basketball player Michael Jordan said: “Visualize where I wanted to go, what kind of player I wanted to be, and when I knew exactly where to arrive, I focused on and I did get it .” If something has to happen in your life, it’s for yourself.  Learn to look at what you need and what you fight accordingly. Van Gogh said: “The object takes shape in my mind before I start painting.” If you do not meet your needs, nobody will do it for you, are yours and you belong.

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VALIDATE, congratulate yourself every step in every process you go through, and where you grew up, give yourself a prize. When a person is at peace with himself, he has the best family, best kids, best friends, best job, the best opportunities. It attracts one according to what one is. If you invalid, you will attract those who are waiting underestimating, but if you value yourself and know who you are, the better your inheritance.

A hug,

Elias Berntsson

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