A new Buddhist path. Mindfulness and the new era

A new Buddhist path.  Mindfulness and the new era

A new Buddhist path of David Loy book in which talks about the quest for enlightenment in the modern world.


Mindfulness practices which put Jon Kabat-Zinn name in the West, come from Buddhism and David Loy, “a new Buddhist path” offers a development of the intersections of Buddhist teachings with the modern world.


“A new Buddhist path.” The search for enlightenment in the modern world. David Loy. Editorial Kairos.


I confess that if I had to define “religiously” speaking, I’d say I’m an agnostic deeply interested in the teachings of the mystical side of religion and especially for those coming from Buddhism and specifically “the Zen philosophy.”

But on the way, years ago he came the discovery of mindfulness hand Jon Kabat Zinn and allowed me to meet a number of practices that, beyond any religious conditioning, offered me the opportunity to gather a large set of valid tools for our development personal and professional without having to “believe” or “not believe”. It is the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness

That’s why I recommend reading books like this that I present to you today the Buddhist philosopher David Loy , who has another great book to find many of the keys to why in the world is happening what is happening and who is “The Great Awakening . A Buddhist social theory “ also published by Kairos.

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Practicing mindfulness is to pay attention to our day to be aware at all times of what is here and now. The present moment to moment present and a new Buddhist path , the author, in addition to outlining the fundamental features of Buddhism, puts us in the position to recognize whether through mindfulness, what is desired is to transcend the world or remain involved in he.

Says Loy in a new Buddhist path that “some contemporary versions of Buddhism understand the Buddhist path as a program of psychological development that helps us face our personal problems, especially the” simian mind “and disturbing emotions” and “mindfulness movement is another promising development, but like psychotherapy, such perspectives on Buddhism tend to put the emphasis on acceptance and adaptation to this world “

It is for this line of work and reflection that David Loy we present in this new Buddhist path which calls me to recommend her exciting reading , because that is the key to the debate between those who believe fervently in the practice of mindfulness derived from the work of Jon-Kabat Zinn as a precursor to use “desideologizándola” of all religious patina, serves much for personal and professional development in today ‘s world, because I am one of those passionate about the world in which I live, and those that, with all respect, believe that mindfulness is an indissoluble part of Buddhism and therefore should not suppress the true religious background of the question.

I think, and so aims Loy A new Buddhist path that the key is more to think that we are not separate and independent beings, actually, as one might think of a misuse of mindfulness that would result in what is being reported as McMindfulness , (I recommend reading the article) but we are part of a unit and therefore our own personal and professional development should not be worked as a self – centered practice more, but as part of a desire to change the world in which we live to make it a better place . It is, after all , a new “great awakening”. So you have to be very careful with practice, for example, Mindfulness in the company and the job. Practice makes acceptance but not resignation. Practicing mindfulness is itself mimso, the birth of an inner revolution and in many companies is being used as a new tool of exploitation.

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I recommend the slow and thoughtful reading of a new Buddhist path because either way, either from a deep religious belief or from the practice of tools that we favor the birth of a new way to be, be, do and have in a world to the new era , it is important to recognize and know that as individuals, can do much to improve the world we inhabit.

Mindfulness should not be a process of individuation back to the cave and self-isolation, but re-emergence of a new awakening to a more humane world where social values ​​are spearheading a profound transformation.

There are many challenges and many problems but also opportunities. David Loy says “It has become obvious to anyone paying attention, we live in critical times. The most obvious are the environmental challenges and – economic, but there are many problems that can be added, especially overpopulation. Our finite biosphere can not indefinitely sustain an economic system that requires infinite growth to avoid collapse, or a species whose number seems to require such explosive growth. What is so clear is that there is an even more fundamental problem underlying such crisis at its root a flawed story about who we are is, what the world and what our role in it “.

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