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What yoga exercise reduces sleep?

What yoga exercise reduces sleep? 23

The exercises that will help you relieve pain if you suffer from fibromyalgia

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What is the esasiest way to awaken Kundalini? 35

What is the esasiest way to awaken Kundalini?

How to awaken the Kundalini? You need 10 minutes, during which no one can disturb you. Sit comfortably, relax. If you sit on the floor, you can cross your legs in Turkish (half-lotus). If you are sitting on a chair, do not cross your legs. The best way to learn something is to reading book through the book […]

What is secular meditation? 38

What is secular meditation?

Secular meditation – even outside of any belief, it is good to meditate Meditation is not restricted to snags of Western religions or philosophies. It is still very beneficial to meditate without having any belief or faith. The effects are quite tangible to those who are not involved in any spiritual process, because one does not have […]

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