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Today I want to
publish the answers made me an Online Conference yoga at home I shared some time. Many friends joined this event and take the opportunity to thank them once again.

Many also left me your questions, and as I could not answer that day, the time has come to do so.
In some cases I merged two questions in one, or two or more interacted have similar issues. Anyway, all questions are, and answers too.

questions-yoga-beginnersIt does not stretch too long neck posture during candle? Can I do it with blankets underneath?

answers-yoga-for-beginnersFirst, here I leave a link so you can see step by step for this position. You also have in that article all the benefits of La Vela and contraindications and precautions to keep in mind.

Answering the question, if you feel good posture and have no neck injury, you can do it without problems. In fact, one of the benefits is that it improves the functioning of the neck.

About putting the blankets underneath, I can not only do it, but it is very advisable.
Note that you put under your shoulders, not under his head, as I show in the image above article left.

questions-yoga-beginnersI do not know if I do well I do not if I dedicate the proper time. How long it is recommended for a beginner in each position? Is it good practice, limited to a few yoga positions for beginners and master them well, before moving on to other things?

answers-yoga-for-beginnersWhen you start practicing yoga, stay in each position costs you more than when you hold a regular practice. I encourage you observe, and see what is the time when you feel comfortable in the position. However, as a general guide, you can start holding for 30 seconds, whenever you feel that you are not harming your body. Then you can gradually increase the time.

There are some basic postures it is good that you can make in your yoga sessions at home, although I encourage you to incorporate some new to make your practice more varied and asegures you that you are working all parts of your body.

If you are aware of the moment of your practice, every movement, if you feel free, focused, then no matter if you make a stand or 20. Enjoy the moment, and observe without judging.

questions-yoga-beginnersIn our yoga class, we do the corpse after almost all positions. Is it necessary, or only after column extensions?

answers-yoga-for-beginnersPosture Savasana or Corpse is one of the most important and beneficial yoga. In your yoga practice at home, you can use it as a resting posture after each posture, or after a string. You can also perform other positions of rest as the child, or even the dog down. When you practice at home, you put your own level in your practice, and your goal.

I attended classes where as in your case, Savasana is performed after almost all positions. In this type of class you can more easily become aware, in my experience, because you have the opportunity to feel the effects of the previous position on your body.

Each teacher has their own style, and you also have to
choose yours for your individual practice. Listen to your body, it will tell you when to rest and when to follow in Savasana.

One thing that you have to consider is to
perform posture Corpse at least 5 minutes at the end of your practice. It’s a great way to relax, and as I said before, to observe the effects on your body practice. Savasana helps you also rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit.

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questions-yoga-beginnersWhat music do you recommend for practicing yoga, author, title?

answers-yoga-for-beginnersThe issue of whether listening to music or not, I mentioned in this article: How to choose the music for your yoga session at home?

Article commented that depends on the person and the purpose of his practice, but not in all cases we want to
hear music. In the case that if you want, article I give some tips on how to choose it .

Here I leave some of the singers and groups most used in the classes.
If you have someone else, leave us a comment!

– Snatam Kaur

– Guru Ganesha Singh

– Deva Premal & Miten

– Krishna Das

– Jai Uttal

questions-yoga-beginnersYou said you’d say the sequence that you use to energize the body in the morning … Is sun salutation?

answers-yoga-for-beginnersThe Sun Salutation is an excellent sequence with many benefits. But the sequence is this I meant that I created especially for this purpose energizing the body, and shared in another article, I leave you here:

Sequence to energize your body to wake up

questions-yoga-beginnersI started to meditate with 5 min. and I put my cell phone alarm to finish, Am I right?

answers-yoga-for-beginnersIf you feel comfortable and happy, Well ahead! In my case I prefer not to set a certain number of minutes in advance, but let me flow and the time when I am meditating is never exactly the same every day.

But if you prefer so, I invite you to
practice mentally counting time. This will help keep the thoughts away, and you can use it as another meditation technique.

questions-yoga-beginnersCould you tell me some techniques to meditate and make breathing?

answers-yoga-for-beginnersIn my book A Light For You, I share 14 techniques of meditation and concentration and 4 complete yoga classes, which includes among other things a breathing exercise in each class. Here’s the link.

I will also leave this link to a breathing technique that I posted in another article: Breathing Technique against stress: Square Breathing

And I also share this other meditation technique, which is one of those included in the book.

Meditation with mantra HAM SO

This mindfulness meditation is to observe the breath

go in
and out, eyes closed. Whenever inhales, emits the

sound SO, mentally and HAM upon expiration.

You must extend the words in each sentence, interiorizándolas, and

observing a moment merges with the other.

Be aware of your thoughts, feelings in your body.

Be alert to your mind.
If distracted, returns with love mantra


questions-yoga-beginnersHow you get to the headstand?

answers-yoga-for-beginnersWith much practice and perseverance. It is an asana that brings us many benefits, so in my case, for example, spent several months practicing every day, taking the steps-and enjoying the way!

Here I leave a link to an article I posted several videos that teach you step by step how to do it.

questions-yoga-beginnersCurrently I’m losing weight I have not obesity but if I have overweight, zumba practice at home and want to know what postures can help me lose weight.

answers-yoga-for-beginnersI leave several links to articles where I show yoga postures and videos to lose weight.

– Videos slimming yoga

– Yoga for weight loss … Do not you think?

– 8 Ways can help you lose weight yoga

I also encourage you to read the book A Light For You, where one chapter is devoted to this subject, and I propose Conscious Habits to lose weight.

This is a fragment from the

Listen to your body. Many times your body and mind are not aligned. Your mind may want to eat, when really your body does not feel hungry. Attempts to distinguish between hunger that comes from the mind and the real hunger for your body. Only eat when the body prompted.

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Learn to listen to your body, to watch you. With this method of observation we learn to know ourselves. Also use it when cooking, when you eat. Always be aware of each pose you do, every food you eat, all, your words, your thoughts. Yoga will not only help you lose weight by exercising your body, but it gives us tools to lead a more conscious life, at all levels.

And finally, here I leave the link to my Slims Program With Consciousness, which has been helpful for many people (can also read my own story).

– Learn more about this program by clicking here.

questions-yoga-beginnersHow often can I do different sequences?

answers-yoga-for-beginnersAs I mentioned in another response, postures you make up to you what you want at that moment when you go over your mat to practice. Let yourself flow and notes. Do you have a desire to stretch the spine? Perhaps you prefer to open the chest, work on balance and flexibility. You can always make the same sequence, or vary each day depends on you.

questions-yoga-beginnersI practice at home with videos, but I would like one other positions.

answers-yoga-for-beginnersVideos and courses on yoga, I always recommend the teacher Jose Antonio Cao. In this video I tell you my experience: online yoga classes.

questions-yoga-beginnersWhat should be the size of the mat and how long time you can use?

answers-yoga-for-beginnersThere are usually 3 standard sizes:

  • Length 175 cm
  • Length 183 cm
  • 200 cm in length

    can use the one you want, as
    long you quepas lying in Savasana within the mat!

In this article you can see what to consider to buy a yoga mat.

I also invite you to pass by the Online Store, because many of the people of this great family of MindYoga4U have made purchases there, and I have written commenting good service and good quality accessories. If you dare, when you go to make payment you can put in the part of Promotional Code, this code: YogaEsMas, and will have a 5% discount on your purchase.

questions-yoga-beginnersWhat I find most difficult is to concentrate and stop things pass me by the head. I can not meditate for more than 5 minutes. I have two months meditating, once things are going well, but most deconcentrated me and I’m thinking about a thousand things of the day, I accelerates the heart and it is impossible to continue. I have also tried guided meditation, but anyway, I can think the same. I do not know how to stop my brain.

answers-yoga-for-beginnersDo not nothing is happening “weird”, I think that has happened to us and it happens to many. Do not fight with the thoughts that come to mind. When they arrive, watch them , and do not feed. You can do some exercise in concentration, for example, by focusing on your breathing. Devote your full attention to it and not your mind. When thoughts come you again, do not judge, just realize, and again gently bring your attention to your breathing. You can not be aware of breathing and find yourself in the past or in the future at the same time. If you have sitting in meditation for 5 minutes, it’s a big step, because from the moment you decide, since you feel that purpose, you’re meditating. Keep trying, and as I always say, do it with enjoyment and effortless.

Let’s learn to
meditate meditating!

questions-yoga-beginnersHow long after breakfast you can start?

answers-yoga-for-beginnersIdeally, the practice of yoga is the first activity you have to get up. But if you can not do it before breakfast, at least note leave a margin of about 2 to 3 hours after you have eaten breakfast or something. Time is depending on whether you took a frugal breakfast or too stuffy, and how fast or slow your digestion is. The same happens with meals, snacks or dinner. Remember that digestion is one of the most important functions that has your body, and should not spread the energy required for this and the practice of yoga, which itself mobilized a lot of energy.

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questions-yoga-beginnersCould you send the function of colors? He planned to paint a tree with colorful leaves where I practice yoga. Do you think it’s good?

answers-yoga-for-beginnersThe importance of color is critical in many aspects of life. Colors affect our moods much as on our health. It is not the same a sunny day a gray day. The blue color of the sky apparently motivates us, energizes us, fills us with positive emotions. Instead of a gray cloudy day or rain usually get morose, melancholy, gloomy.

I personally prefer the white, it gives me a great sense of peace and tranquility, which are very favorable for practice.

I encourage you
to try the tree, and feel yourself the sensations that brings you. Experience, and see if you have what it conveys to do with the aim of your yoga practice. And then I bills!

questions-yoga-beginnersI want to know how to combine yoga with food. Are there any specific power to achieve greater flexibility in the joints? I see that it is very important for yoga practices.

answers-yoga-for-beginnersYoga philosophy invites us to lead a proper diet, based on a vegetarian diet. This type of food is good for our health, well-being and purity, and also for harmonization between body and spirit.

I invite you to read this article about why yogis usually are vegetarians.

questions-yoga-beginnersMido 1.64 m and weight 84 kilos. While bought some yoga videos and when I went to do “the position of the knife” My arms could not hold my body. I do not know if I should lose weight before you start practicing yoga.

answers-yoga-for-beginnersIf you have not already started yoga practice, now is your time. Generally, we gain weight because anxiety, stress, emotional imbalance make us eat more than necessary. That’s where comes to play the role of yoga practice, because you healthy from the inside out: relax your mind, free from negative emotions, helps you in your self – esteem and knowledge of yourself, balance your emotions and fills peace, and mainly helps you raise your level of consciousness in each of your steps.

Nothing happens because you can not perform certain posture, a lot happens to
us, and not just for weight problems, also lack of flexibility, balance, and so on . You can always adjust the position to what your body can perform at that time, and go slowly, with regular practice, deepening it.

questions-yoga-beginnersIs it possible to learn and practice yoga without a teacher, with videos and reading your book, or recommend to have my teacher correcting my posture?

answers-yoga-for-beginnersWith true desires, you can practice yoga from home, without having to put under the guidance of a teacher. Are your will and your desire for reading, inform and learn, what you will deepen your practice. Yoga is a path itself, there is no destination to reach, you just have to walk it, and enjoy.

However, if you have not attended any class, I recommend, though not essential, you go two or three classes. In this way you will see the teacher as the main positions, what is the structure of the class, and feel the energy that is generated in a yoga class with other people are.

questions-yoga-beginnersWill there be more modules like this soon?

answers-yoga-for-beginnersSurely yes. I am happy to share my experience and knowledge of yoga, and this type of conference is very useful to reach people.

Thank you very much to all who participated, who asked, and to you, you read me now.

A big hug for you.