Walk like a Buddha

Walk like a Buddha

“Walk like a Buddha. While you’re hangover, your boss and your ex pushiness torture “. Lodro Rinzler. Editorial Kairos.

This is one of those books you’ll be looking forward to reading. Visionary, groundbreaking, exciting, interesting, entertaining and even transgressor. Its author, a famous American writer who, in addition to practicing meditation, has a column in the Huffington Post and the Interdependence Project titled “What Would Sid Do”, surprises us with this book after having already done with “The Buddha entered a bar “that will bring you soon.

When we talk about spirituality, we are not talking about exactly religion, and sometimes it is difficult, try to understand people to walk through life with a more compassionate and attentive look, not become a simple and slow, but give your time greater strength and a new vision of reality.

Rinzler, in all his books and columns is precisely what it does give a real naturalness to a new way of seeing, feeling and doing things in a new time. For as the author points out, you can be spiritual without being necessarily religious. Really you do not have to be Buddhist, Catholic, Muslim or Jew to carry out a way of life in the spirit of try and be a better person in a changing world.

What the author teaches us through its pages is to live honestly, with wisdom and compassion against everything that comes out to meet us in our common life.

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At the end of the day, it is very agreeable to practice a meditation retreat, isolated from the madding crowd for a while or practice any type of meditation in the silence of your home, but who, like me, we like and we even also passionate about the world in which we live and we want to change it, ideas like the author exposes us from within make us believe that, of course, another world is possible.

Work, live, buy, rio, I put up with people who do not like, I put up with me, sometimes I say things that I’m not convinced, I fall, I come up, I tend to stumble over the same stone several times … even in one day, but I work in applying my attention at that moment that I live and show others what is possible.

Here is a pleasant, clear, concise and fun to do and be aware that it is possible guidance.

Answers questions we all ask and they “have to do with out there, with relationships, work, social activity or our dilemmas of everyday life.”

In short: “Walk like a Buddha provides wisdom that can be applied precisely to the difficulties often present├írsele anyone who intends to walk like a Buddha, that is, to live honorably, with wisdom and compassion against everything that comes to step in lifetime”.



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