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Stanislav Grof and the power of personal crises ...

We get into “big words” with Stanislav Grof and the delicate issue of personal crisis. Personal crises are good for something. Rotund, but true sentence that I leave after reading and rereading Stanislav Grof. A book of “read despacito no rush”


“The Healing Power of crises” Stanislav Grof Editorial Kairos

I bring to Stanislav Grof as one of those authors who, if you are interested / a in the areas of personal development, you start reading immediately. Not only in the healing power of the crisis, but also one that will bring in a few weeks this Blog as is “The Stormy Search of being” find a path of research on what happens to us humans when we beyond our own self-ego and transcend this reality around us and the inner eye, it becomes deeper.

In traditional psychology, many of these reactions are treated as mere psychological disorders and even as illness, being as they are, many times, results of spiritual experiences or even “mystical” that produce fear and confusion.

The healing power of crises (Library of the New Consciousness)

Beyond the practice of mindfulness or any other tool for personal development, it can produce a true personal crisis as a result of the fall of the “moorings” of values and paradigms with which normally come holding our traditional way life on autopilot. These personal earthquakes are those Stanislav Grof refers to indicate that these crises need not be something negative and harmful, but the beginning of a new health and freer life a new and conscious.

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In this book, Stanislav Grof makes especially good job of editor of a shared texts of a number of eminent psychologists, psychiatrists and spiritual teachers who speak of personal crises volume, but also the relationship between madness , spirituality and healing.

Divided into four parts:

1. “Divine Madness: spirituality and psychology psychosis”

2. “Classes spiritual emergency

3. “The rugged search of being: spiritual seeker problems”

4. “Helping people in spiritual emergency

And written by renowned authors as the same Stanislav Grog, Christina Grof, DDLaing, Keith Thompson and the great Jack Kornfield ( “path with heart” will be another book to comment on this BiblioMind of Plenacción), the book shows you a interesting way to approach “snooping” in what is known as non – ordinary states of consciousness and transpersonal psychology.

As you can see on every page and project Plenacción , when I talk about spirituality I am referring to a “secular spirituality” and an attempt to show ways for personal development based on mindfulness, but also opening up the field of view to other disciplines they can be of help to enjoy and / or find the path of consciousness and serenity in your day.

There are no unusual issues, not sectarian, nor dark, but the lucidity and the encounter with the wisdom offered us stop and look within, which is the same base where the natural state of serenity that can offer comes the really it exists, which is nothing but happiness here and now.

Stanislav Grof is a good example of discovering, for example, as “some of the spectacular experiences and extraordinary states of mind that traditional psychiatry diagnoses and treats as mental disorders are, in fact, a crisis of personal transformation, or” spiritual emergencies ” and see “when these states of mind are properly understood, and treated in an encouraging way, rather than suppress them by routine psychiatric practices can be curative and have beneficial effects for people who experience them. This positive potential has been expressed by the term -Emergency spiritual

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From here, I encourage you to discover this interesting book. I promise to bring more.

Stanislav Grof and the healing power of network crises

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