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Pose “cats” – “cows” for women

Pose cat and cow pose is recommended to alternate in pairs.
This complex is not only useful for the spine, but also helps women to solve some gynecological problems. Contraindications for its execution is not. This complex is very simple and accessible to everyone.

performance technique

Cat Pose

  • Get on all fours so that the hands were just below the shoulders and feet should be positioned in such a way as to form two right angles (between the body and thighs and between her thighs and shins).
    Do not remove the feet, heels looking up.

  • Inspiratory stretch crown and coccyx up, bending the spine.
    Lengthen the neck. Shoulders take away from the ears.

  • Focus on the deflection was of the thoracic spine.
    In the exercise all the muscles along the spine will be involved, but if you move the sternum forward, you should feel especially good muscles of the middle and upper back. Do not loosen your shoulders and keep your elbows straight as possible.

  • Deflection head back, imagine that on the neck behind the egg is – you do not crush it.
    Therefore, do not strain the back of the neck.

Cow Pose

  • Then exhale push up the back.
    Slightly repulsive palms on the mat. Send chin to the sternum.

  • Widely dilute blade relaxing the tense muscles of the neck and upper back.
    Try to raise the lower part of the spine, a good draw in the coccyx. Rest hands on the floor and feel where the skin on the back is extended by increasing the extent of bending.
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Pose "cats" - "cows" for women 5

Pose "cats" - "cows" for women 6Now alternate between “cat” on the inhale and “cow” on the exhale in a constant rhythm. Make sure that each deflection took a full breath, and each bending – a full exhalation. After a few movements you can already coordinate their rhythm, so that the beginning of the movement coincided with the beginning of the inhalation or exhalation, and make sure that they also came to an end at the same time.

This complex normalizes hormonal system in women.
It should be performed when there are problems in the reproductive sphere, pain in the menstrual period, to restore the body after childbirth. The complex makes a thinner waist, puts in order the body and adjusts the pulse of the navel.

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