4 ways to integrate spirituality in your workplace

4 ways to integrate spirituality in your workplace 3


Spirituality in the workplace refers to the perception that individuals have on the relationship between their work and the spiritual path, being an opportunity to grow personally and contribute to society significantly.

We spent many hours of our lives in our work and so keen to achieve success, although we do time to prepare, be better professionals and even to exercise, we often forget to make room to feed our spiritual life.

Prominent business publications have recognized that spirituality has a legitimate place in the labor market of the century, and so a copy of Business Week featured a main cover story called “Religion in the Workplace”; an edition of FORTUNE was titled “God and Business”; and many other publications, including the Wall Street Journal and Forbes, also have seriously considered that there is an important link between spirituality and the workplace.

4 ways to integrate spirituality into your workplace

Our spiritual growth is able to change our lives in ways we can not even imagine; and also it has a positive influence on our thinking and making decisions.

So why today we want to share with you 4 tips for you to learn to integrate spirituality into your workplace:

Starts the day getting in touch with your spiritual side

The first step to living a spiritual life in the workplace is to believe in it and experience it. Admittedly working life is not only to devote time to our work, focus on to succeed or excel professionally.

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Our working life should also make room for us to take consciousness of our soul and seek always have that bond with the superior being, who is the source of all our lives, and who conveys peace, confidence and serenity.

So remember to start each day by getting in touch with your spiritual side, and gradually notice the fact of being always connected to the higher self will help you always return to your spiritual center.

Create a sacred space

Create a workspace that fosters spirituality is another important factor.

For this you can identify a symbol as an image, an object of nature or just something that has a spiritual meaning for you. Then you just have to create a sacred space for this symbol, for example at your desk, in a drawer or perhaps behind the door.

Remember that the idea is to have in your workplace a little personal altar that reminds you of your spiritual life, but without offending your other co-workers, not violating any policy of your company.

Do breathing exercises

Breathing functions as fuel for our bodies and in the workplace as characterized by moments of pressure and stress, it works perfect to learn how to reduce daily stress.

In addition, to foster spirituality in our workplace, the fact that we do breathing exercises will help us focus our attention on our heart and soul.

Start doing this exercise: breathe deeply once or twice. Then close your eyes and focus on your spiritual nature. Make a brief pause, breathe again and think that spirituality will always be with you.

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Learn to see the positive in your coworkers

There is nothing more exhausting than working in a toxic environment, and that sometimes tends to make more complicated the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlearning to see the positive things of our coworkers.

However, learning to see others as ourselves, and understand that they are also spiritual beings, will allow us to visualize better our partners and discover their spiritual potential.

Spirituality at work has to do with learning to be more kind and compassionate to our bosses, colleagues, suppliers and customers. Therefore remains open to your spirituality in your workplace, and a universe of possibilities will emerge for you.

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