5 tips to start (or finish) Your Day Happier

5 Tips to start (or finish) Happier Your Day 3


Have you ever happened to you wake up and not feel so much emotion to start the day? Nothing special, perhaps because it is Monday or because it rains.

Most of us have those days from time to time, and when we are in the midst of them, it is difficult to accomplish much.

So today we share very easy 5 Technical Uplifting and Larger smile.

Key # 1: List 5 things you appreciate in your life

They can be as simple as the plant in the pot in your office, or rain doing everything turns green.
You can include a favorite pet or a kind word to someone who recently called you.
Ideally , look in just simple, everyday things, things that make your life a little more enjoyable.

Key # 2: Take five deep breaths

As much as possible for each breath, filling your lungs to the top and then focus entirely on each exhale, slowly releasing the air and giving a final “push” at the bottom of breathing.
Take a moment between breaths to feel the lightness and freedom of being totally “empty”.

Key # 3: Move your body

It takes five minutes to walk or move your body tightly. If you can, go strong to the point that your mind does not have time to think of any particular idea. And smile????

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Key # 4: List 5 of your favorite songs

And at least put to dance with at least one of the songs (if you do it with 5 much better!)

Key # 5: Do 5 nice things

Choose 5 people to them or tell them something good today.
You can send an email, express your appreciation directly to another, giving a small gift, make a meal, or invite a coffee.
Up to you, but take the time to think in small ways to show appreciation to five people in your life.

There you have it – 5 simple keys to happiness.

And so you start with everything you share a small videito (ideal for dancing) ????

What do you think about it?