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guided meditations

Did you know that many people stop meditating a few days to start because they sleep , they get bored , they distracted and lost in his thoughts too easily?

What happens is that after not do it, they believe that they will never be able to meditate … And it’s not really their fault: simply, are starting with the wrong technique.

Meditation has different levels, techniques, exercises … And each of them is aimed at different types of people: beginner, intermediate or advanced.

So if you want to start meditating or not you get started and successfully complete your meditation for days you need to read this article carefully because I will share you two words that will change your life guided meditations .

guided meditations

Why start with daily meditations?

In our article on benefits of guided meditations we tell you why you should practice, but basically what happens is that the mind especially at the beginning of meditation tends to get distracted and lost in thoughts.

Suddenly feel heat, cold, you come to mind memories and start thinking about how many things you have to do.

Guided meditations are intended to guide the person to a state of deep relaxation by a voice .

That’s why we start with guided meditations will help, among other things, to keep state and “occupy” your mind following the voice you’ll hear meditating.

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The voice can be yours or someone else, but many people find it easier to relax and relieve stress if you are guided by the voice of someone else.

Ideally, that voice is gentle, slow pace and use simple and pleasant words.

Ah! And it ‘s important to know that meditation occurs as the rest: The more you practice, the easier you get into a meditative state .


Guided Meditations mp3

Would you like to experience what it feels like to try the guided meditations?

In the Silva Method we teach all of our students and graduates to begin meditating with a guided meditation MP3, and we invite you to try free.

Just enter this link and download our introductory mini-course ” You borderless ” where you will receive 8 lessons that will teach you how to use meditation to relax but also to maximize your potential to achieve what you want.

You can now hear the audio of centralization famous Alfa HERE.

And to provide you further the process, here you share some tips for you to consider at the time of guided meditation:

1) Choose a place that is completely silent or where slow music can play soft instrumental very low volume (here we tell you what music is best for meditation).

2) Wear comfortable clothes and closed their eyes to distract you .

3) If you are driving your own meditation it begins with a comprehensive but simple intention, for example “to rest” or “be more aware of my inner self .”

If you listen to our famous guided meditation audio (remember that you can now listen free here!) Familiarize yourself with the voice of Laura Silva while still everything is telling you.

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4) Inhale and exhale slowly, listen to your breathing and be aware that you are alive.

5) If you feel confusion oresistencia as you advance in your meditation, try to focus on achieving a state of comfort and relaxation.

6) Do not pressure from the final results. Instead of focusing on whether you’re “doing it the right way , ” just relax and enjoy the experience. Final results appear alone.

7) Feel and express gratitude more intensely.

8) Train yourself to look calm and joy.

9) Practice meditation as often as you can until it becomes a regular part of your daily life.

You see, guided meditation practice is very simple; but that’s something you already know if you tried our audio guided meditation voice of Laura Silva, president of the Silva Method and daughter of Jose Silva, founder of the method has already helped more than 6 million people change their lives.

Guided meditation will change your life forever.

The more you practice meditation, the more you begin to understand and put you in tune with your inner self.

From there, the possibilities for growth are endless: intuition, relaxation, creativity, healthy habits, strengthened relationships, peace and harmony, welfare, quality of life … All this becomes a reality when you start practicing constantly meditation .

What did you think guided meditation? We hope your answers!

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