Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation 3

Silva Method and Intuition

The guided meditation can be a wonderful gateway to meditation. What better way to “learn” if we do it with a guide, with a voice that tells us how.

From the Silva Method team always recommend to people who want to learn to meditate, start with a guided meditation and one of the best guided meditations is that you can find in the free lessons Silva Method. They can be downloaded here and can see that the first lesson is the voice of the same Laura Silva. If you want to start using this audio meditation as a guided meditation can be an excellent choice.

Performing this relaxation consciously gives the body the equivalent of 8 hours of sleep, because often, when we sleep we are not relaxed, and through this relaxation we release the tension in every part of our body from the muscles, internal organs , endocrine glands, nerve endings, to the cells, thus beginning a process of release of cellular memories. You will get benefits from the short term to achieve anything you set your mind and stop feeling overwhelmed by circumstances and environment around you to become a co-creator of your life and the universe …. (Read more on Therapy VioleGenerar powerful states of wholeness and well-being.)


If you feel overwhelmed, frustrated or completely exhausted, guided relaxation is one of the easiest ways to restore balance. Alpha waves, associated with relaxation, creativity and welfare states are superimposed harmonically layered with soothing music. You will be guided through gentle techniques to relieve stress relaxation. In a state of calm reverie, you bring them in an inner sanctum, a magical garden you can return again and again to restore the sense of yourself. You will learn how to generate powerful states of being that will contribute to a growing sense of wellbeing in your life. After the guided meditation, you re-emerge in a clean world, revitalized and ready to face any challenge with a fresh attitude … (Read more on ta.  Guided relaxation)

We are living in a world where we can hardly escape from stress, depression, fatigue and lack of a course. Meditation can be output you’re looking for, do not wait until no power to give a break to your body and mind, start now, meditation transforms into a habit and you will see the results manifest in your daily life.