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This is something that happens to many people who for some way to them rumors of the benefits of meditation comes.

– What is there to do?
– They ask

– put the mind blank.
– Answer some voice coming out do not know where …

Then they run all happy to sit and unwind. But they have trouble finding the cable. Where to is that this unit is turned off? – wonder, as they realize that your mind will not stop generating thoughts, one after another. And mind blank, nothing …

My intention today’s article is to reflect together on what is to meditate, and what is not. And before we go … first thing I want to say is that meditation is not to put the mind blank. The mind does not have a white / thoughts switch Or at least I have not found!

I tell you what happened to me last night when late, I sat on the couch.

I have a TV in
front (home shame it has no other place to keep it !). Command is there, in sight. To the left of the window shows me the sea, with the only condition that is day. But it was dark and did not see it , although their presence felt. Then I get the question … What if I turn on the TV? Perhaps there is some program that make me laugh! That idea was quickly me alone. Without realizing he was in another thought, this time it was so cute remaining fruit in the fruit bowl, they were to take a picture. I got up and did it .

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  • Tomorrow sent it to my mother – I thought – as he also likes both fruits!
The photo I made with fruits, for my mother.
The photo I made with fruits, for my mother.

I went back to the sofa. And then I became aware of that and that thought was gone and there was another hanging around my head.

  • I’m alert! I’m here on the couch, watching the thoughts that come to my mind. – I said, as I remember I have to buy a knife that cut better …

A cold wind blew through the window and then looked at her blanket. But before I got up to look, I thought I had not really cold, which had just been a blast … And I remembered the Ujjayi breathing, which warms the body, and began to breathe consciously. I inhaled soft, slow, deep, and before exhaling remembered that the day had to go to the market, and mentally wrote down three important things that I have to buy.

  • What I was walking, I was interested? Ahhh yes, he was breathing …

And again I take a deep breath, and this time also exhaled slowly …

I can alargarte the story much more, because when I realized I had spent more than one hour, between inhalation and thought, between exhalation and thoughts. But the idea is not to tell you what happened whoooole my head. I want to make you see is that during that time, I was meditating.

Again and again my mind wandered to thoughts coming, and again and again I with kindness and love, when I realized that my mind had dispersed, returning my attention to breathing.

My students always say something I learned once and for me it was a “revelation”.

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When you realize that your mind has distracted you into some thought, rather than judge, rejoice. That means you’re alert!

Meditation is not effort, not fight. It is self-observation, is peace.

  • But how can there be peace between both thought? – I hear you ask …

  • Experience it yourself. Here and now. Only then you will know. – It’s the answer I give you, as if you were in front of you, with your hands in mine, encouraging you to live your own experience.

And you know also there are spaces between thought and thought, sometimes. Moments sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. Moment of clarity, said deep without a specific reason. You may practice with these spaces become longer, more frequent. But do not look. There is nothing to be found, no place to go. Just enjoy the road, That is enough!

Remember that yoga, meditation, it is to act with awareness and attention. when you are sitting, not just meditating. Also when you cook, you work, you walk, you see a movie, eat, share with friends or family … You can make each act a meditation, because whenever you are attentive, focused on the process of action, you are meditating.

It is said that someone asked the Buddha:

– What you and your disciples practice?

He answered them:

– We sit, walk and eat.

Then he again questioned:

– But anyone can sit, walk and eat.

To which the Buddha replied:

– We, sit, are aware of sitting, walking, we are aware of walking and eating, we are aware of eating.

And before leaving, I share with you this concentration technique that will help you meditate … Focus on inhalation and exhalation. And remember, when your mind wanders, gently and lovingly, returns again and again your attention to your breathing.

inhale Exhale

A hug of light for you,