Identify your Fears and Start a New Life

Identify your Fears and Start a New Life 3

Many times we think we are doing everything right but somehow the results we are getting are not exactly the best. What if I told you that the problem is you’re doing things with fear. The most interesting is that this is something that we do not realize because they are afraid they are so deep inside us for so long that not even notice they’re there. This is the subject of this article so read it carefully and please leave your comment at the end. I’ll agredeceré. Tatiana

Fear is a primal emotion we’ve had for a long time. It is this emotion that has resulted in the survival of the human race. The greatest fear of an animal or another human being who is active in us stronger response “fight or flight”. The only types of fear that one is born with them are – fear of falling – fear of loud sounds – fear of abandonment We know this because if one makes a loud noise, a baby was scared and crying. If the baby falls from a considerable height, it is more likely to cry even if there is no real impact. Even before a baby can sharpen your senses how we perceive the world around him, these fears are present in him instinctively. However, there are many categories of fears that are acquired, spend most of our parents or elderly or acquired by circumstances that could have happened. For example, if a child sees his mother shriek every time she sees a cockroach, chances are that the child take the same fear. On the other hand, if someone experiences failure every time you try something new, is likely to develop a fear of trying new things. Fear is a useful emotion and, if acanalizado properly, can lead to success. Overcome fear is essential to use it in a positive way. You need to control it and not let it get to be overwhelming.person thinkingIf fear takes over a person’s life can lead her to irritation, anxiety attacks, phobias, irrational behavior and depression. Such fear can stifle your growth, slow your growth potential and skew your objective view of the world. There are many kinds of fears. These can be as extreme as phobias. An individual may have fear of a specific thing like ghosts, dogs, water or something else. But there are other fears, like fear of talking to strangers, starting something new, public speaking, flying and many more. Although the list can be endless fear and fear can have different meanings and manifestations for each individual, strategies that can be used to overcome fear are quite similar. The first step to overcome fear is to understand the basis or source from which emerges the fear certain amount of meditation and self – evaluation is critical. Have fear comes from something someone told you? Does it come from previous experiences? Once you know the cause, you can start working to overcome fear. To identify your fear, you should consider being objective and honest with yourself. You can examine the beliefs that lead you towards a certain fear. For example, if you scare make presentations to groups of people and feel that you will not be valued, try it ! Written by Bryce Roadley Source