Guided Meditation: The power to guide the mind

Guided Meditation: The power to guide the mind 3

Article by Julio Vega Writers Program Member Silva Method Life

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A fundamental characteristic, perhaps the most important leaders in any area, sales sports, business, government, etc. is the focus, direction, the ability to set a goal and go after it, of course, every idea, every plan, before being brought to reality emerges first in the mind.

We guide the mind, then the mind to guide us, to help us get closer and get those goals and objectives that we are proposed in advance, within us there is an automatic mechanism that can help us achieve our goals.

They found that the brain there is no difference between something “real” and some “imaginary” in the nervous system, the experience of remembering and imagining are

Do you like holidays? Do you like feel well? You like to relax?

With this in mind, rest, maybe you can remember the last time you went to … relax … maybe it was a pleasant walk to the forest, beach, walking in the mountains, to me in particular I like to walk in mountains, I like the fresh, cold air, when I’m there, just … deeply … .respiro. inhale pure oxygen, Is not very pleasant to breathe in the mountains or in the woods? I like watching the wind that moves the leaves, see the blue sky can be very soothing … .escuchar sounds, wind, maybe a creek in the distance … and pay attention to these nice touches make it automatically, is released any tension, every breath in this clean, pure, fresh atmosphere, makes you feel great … getting better … while you relax, you surely would realize rise and fall of your chest as you breathe and abandon any unnecessary effort, and likely to bring your attention to temperature, the clothes on your body.

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On one occasion I really struck a plant, especially a small sheet, was green, bright and lay on the brown earth, I approached and saw a small drop of water, reflecting the rays of the sun, drop seemed so relaxed and serene, without any worries.

Breath deeply. Imagine, get carried away by this idea. How would you feel if you were a drop of water, resting on a leaf, swaying in the wind?

What is a guided meditation?

You just have a little demonstration of it, it is simply to focus our mind on an idea, and since the brain does not distinguish the real from the imaginary, it is most likely that while reading about rest and relaxation … while you relajabas-

What good is a guided meditation?

Guided meditation is in my opinion, one of the most powerful techniques available for personal change, for a very simple reason, let you rehearse in your mind the new behavior you want to perform, for example, stop smoking, eat less, more exercise, improve your record sales, lose the fear of public speaking, any changes you want to incorporate into your life, you can begin to achieve, to materialize, by rehearsing in your mind.

Imagine you have a weight problem, imagine that one day simply no reason or motive, you sit at the table, and so spontaneously, without knowing why or decide to eat something different, something that normally would not eat, something you know makes you well, but perhaps not previously attracted you so much, but today decided to try something new, you walked away from greasy dishes and unhealthy, and without much effort you preferred lighter and more nutritious and you feel very happy to try something you know makes you feel good and pleasantly surprised because this new behavior came from within.

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A meditation usually guided part to relax the body and mind, and then guide you to mentally experiment, something new, different or guide you so that in your mind, you begin to achieve what you want, what you crave in a nutshell , a guided meditation prepares your mind and body to do what you propose, the more images you want, the more you visualize what you want, the closer you are to get it .

I hope this article will be useful and interesting, I wish you good week and you’re getting better, better and better