Silva Mind Control Method of How to heal your body?

mental control

Practicing Mind Control Silva will achieve manage stress at all times of the day , avoiding all its consequences, such as physical exhaustion, muscle tension, headaches and stomach, difficulties in digestion and many other difficulties affecting your life and reduce your productivity, inspiration and creativity.
No one can deny the ability of the mind to heal and maintain a healthy physical condition. With the Silva Mind Control Method you will experience mental visualization that enhances the ability of relief and healing, reaching fitness quickly.
You can also stop these bad habits that you know well that you physically hurt but that alone will not have the necessary forces to leave. For example, with Silva Mind Control Method you can stop smoking, drinking or overeating habits that damage health. You can also sleep better, so you will begin each day with energy, feeling fully alive.

We must banish those habits that harm us body and mind level. Through meditation we can help to change those habits. Why meditation and mind control can help?

Because habits are at a level of depth in our mind that we can not change them by simply saying “now I do not smoke more” “not more than most” “stop drinking” all know it is not, it is not enough just that . To bring this order to a higher level, we need meditation, we need mentalizing, control our minds, our thoughts.

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We know that changing a habit can take about 21 days, then it is highly recommended propose an objective, for example: “For 21 days I take a walk every day”. This makes it easier to convert the practice habit, if we add that in our minutes of meditation can program our minds to go for a walk, start having a healthier life, etc. We achieve our goal of an easier way and then be extended in time.