Group meditation: benefits of Union With the whole

Group meditation: benefits of union with the whole 3

group meditationIt is commonly believed that meditation is a private experience. When you meditate balance your physical, emotional and mental energy. Calm connecting with the deepest being, with the secrets of the inner world is achieved. However, while you gaze focused inward, outward radiating a vibration characteristic of our bodies fills the air: it is part of a greater whole. In group meditation, part of a shared consciousness is formed with others.
The greatest benefit that owns the group meditationIt is that, by irradiating and simultaneously perceive the energy of others, can benefit from those who can calm before. These people are those that create an environment, the way for others, especially for beginners. That is why almost everyone notices when the group has been relaxed or focused.
Usually people who make up the group are united by an idea or particular interest and not by a personal relationship. Groups can work for different issues, but they always have a target base of service to humanity. You can join a group from the comfort of your home or attend mass meditations.
Group meditation brings extra benefit each of its members, over time, achieves greater insight into their own affairs and the interrelationship with other members.
We know that nobody can escape the demands of everyday life, we always have tons of errands to do and issues we can not ignore. Our schedule does not give us a break! If this is what happens to you daily, group meditation is ideal because it generates a commitment to attend. If someone misses meditation, the whole group feel the absence. By attending regularly to meditate with the group, it becomes easier to make the commitment so necessary not to abandon the practice.
Now it ‘s your turn, we want to know your experiences: Have you meditated in groups? If you have not done yet, you give step? You stop not send us your comments and make us part!

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