Interview with José Silva – The Secret for Happiness

Interview with José Silva - The Secret for Happiness 5

If you had ever wondered where is the secret of success let me tell you that is within you. Jose Silva teaches us in this interview as the key to our happiness within each person and as up to us to trigger the entire chain of events to be completely happy with the help of mind control and meditation.

Reginaldo Atanay

Interview with José Silva - The Secret for Happiness 6Jose Silva died in early 1999, shortly before turning 84 years. Here are our readers a reportage interview he did to Joseph, about two years before his death. As your experience worthwhile, we believe that this article has perennial force.

As man advances in the field of research, there are new expressions and modern techniques. One is “mind control.” José Silva, an American of Mexican descent, created what is called Mind Control, which bears his name, and that technique is practiced by several million people worldwide.

One would like to solve all the problems that are presented. But often the fear gets in our good wishes, and we feel a sense of powerlessness, of defeat. And despair.

The problems are big cradle of unhappiness living man, and all he wants and craves, is to solve these problems.

“If I can solve these problems,” we say, “I would be the happiest person in the world.”

There are good and effective ways to deal with the problems. That flow of power lies within us, and what you expect is when we call, we put it to work in the right measure, so that the results are not surprising waiting.

About how to enter the inner kingdom, he speaks José Silva, who has taught mind control to more than eight million people worldwide.

Who is Jose Silva?

Joseph was born on August 11, 1914 in Laredo, Texas. His mother was originally from there. His father, railroad machinist, Mexico was natural.

Mind Control says José, is a mental discipline. It includes a series of exercises of mental gymnastics, which lead us to use more than the mind, the brain. This course takes about 40 hours, and it exercises are done to calm the brain.

Silva has never been a student of a school.

The occurrence of the death of his father, he having an early age forced him to work from childhood to help his mother and younger siblings.

“The only time I’ve been in school,” he says, “she was to learn the alphabet in Spanish and English. I learned God knows how. In many parts have presented me to give lectures, and have said: “Here is a man who never went to school, and she only comes to teaching.”

Joseph adds: “That is very fortunate, after unfortunate. I say unfortunate, because my father died when I was four years old. It fell to me, being the eldest son, working to raise enough to sustain the family. But my brothers did go to school; I worked for them to be. I had to use the brain at the appropriate time. If humans learn, using the appropriate cycle, which is ten, what they learned, you never forget. Those are the luckiest humans healthier, the luckiest. I happened to use my powers in the 10th cycle that I attribute to luck. “

José Silva is a short man, talking fast, with a Mexican accent. But in Mexico, it has been a little while. His life has been in the United States. Here he grew up and lives. And he lives with his family.

While talking about their experiences, their knowledge, it appears as a hint child, sometimes. Others, such as grandfatherly. In general, it gives the impression of being a good-natured man who is determined that the more people know what he has discovered. Because the practice of this discovery has made many people happy and prosperous, you feel glad to be alive and to be a creation of God.

right brain

See Joseph’s description: “The brain vibrates seconds, as the heart does it for minutes. The brain operates at an average of 20 vibrations per second, and that’s not the best vibration of the brain to think. When that happens, you can use only to think, the left hemisphere. Do not use the law; only one hemisphere. “Now, if we calm the brain, through mental exercises, and concentrate on thinking Alfa-ten best is obtained. Alfa is the center of the 20 vibration. The average humanity thinks when the brain is vibrating at 20 … But the Illuminati learned to think of ten. “

The topic is interesting and profound. And Joseph, who has given so many lectures and workshops worldwide, is answering our questions with detailed explanations.

Continues the creator of Silva Mind Control, “That ten cycles has many advantages. It is to calm the brain, consciousness, to learn to use them. That’s. After focusing the vibration down in ten, is the connection to also use the right hemisphere. The left has to do with physical things, with the biological body; the other has to do with the things of the mind, things unseen. God does not will be measured effectively. But it is known to exist. Desires are many and we can not measure who has so much because mental energy is everything. It is an accumulation of mental energy.

“Each sees something mentally repeat, it increases the desire. It is a cluster of spiritual energy and can not be measured with objective instruments, because it is the invisible world, the psychological world of the mind. Same is the belief, hope, love. “

He adds: “A person can love a lot or anything, but only because her behavior is known. These are powers of the right hemisphere, more than anything. The brain is intuitive, spiritual; It is the one that has to do with the world of the mind, not in the world body. That intuition one chooses one chooses automatically where to go walking, choosing a safe way. In us, it is usually the ‘Guardian Angel’: the right hemisphere, the spiritual hemisphere. “

Then … less mistakes
then José Silva talks about some advantages achieved when one acts focusing on the cycle of ten per second: it succeeds in life, he is healthy. Triumphs, because commits fewer errors; makes fewer mistakes, because it is more accurate, by intuition developed, which leads him to succeed.

“You mean,” said Silva, “which are amounts of benefits that people are able to focus and do the exercises, the discipline to focus, to operate in the center of the brain spectrum to use both hemispheres, rather than one alone.”

He adds: “Le mental energy is automatic, if we will investigate. Which is focused, not get sick of psychosomatic illnesses. “

Silva points out the importance of human “be human” and live in harmony withthe others. He explains: “the animal sees only itself and its young, but not seen by others of the same species. The human who cares only about his, and his breeding is an animal, the animal functions as: bestialmente.