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Silva Method and Meditation: How to keep anxiety away forever and live much better


Silva method to ward off anxiety


Do you often feel insecure, fear, muscle tension or tachycardias?’s

Do you feel paralyzed and helpless, you suffer panic attacks, you feel you have no control over your life or enjoy a pleasant dream?

Do you take hasty decisions, you have the feeling that you do not enjoy life and sometimes you feel helpless?

They are some of the symptoms of anxiety, and it is estimated that more than 20% of the world’s population suffers the consequences (and most of the time without knowing it ).

Haste, competitiveness and guidelines that marks modern society make more people present different anxiety disorders … But thankfully, is a product of the mind and to us to say goodbye forever.

Do you suffer from anxiety and want to remove it from your life? Do you think you could become anxious and want to know how to stop or avoid it? Quickly we tell you how.

Mind Control: anxiety, product of the mind

Anxiety is a natural emotion that is often defined as acute stress; and although it is a valuable tool brain to keep us safe in extreme situations where it believes that there is a real danger, the fact is that it can become a nightmare when the brain thinks without reason that there is a danger when in reality it does not exist.

We may suffer anxiety in different circumstances: in situations of assessment or interpersonal or social threat, ambiguous or novel situations, when elements “phobic” (like flying, injections, blood, harmless animals, deep water …) are, when we perceive a loss of control or to any other everyday situation that we perceive as a threat with negative consequences for us (from sleep trying to work or study … Everything!).

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In other words, anything can provoke anxiety if our mind perceives as a threat .

But there’s more: did you know that there are over 10 types of anxiety symptoms and more than 40 ?
Silva Method and Meditation: How to keep anxiety away forever and live much better 3
Worry, fear, difficulty deciding, negative thoughts about oneself or difficulty thinking, study or concentrate are only some of the symptoms.

So are palpitations, sweating, muscle tension, upset stomach (or other gastric distress), tremors, headaches, dizziness, difficulty swallowing or breathing, nausea or dry mouth.

And besides, we can realize that a person suffers anxiety when you smoke, eat or drink too much when going from one place to another without a specific purpose, when presenting motor restlessness (repetitive movements, scratching, touching, etc), stutters, weeps or it is paralyzed.

Once anxiety appears increasingly is gaining more ground to the point that not only ruins your health but keeps you from enjoying life as you deserve.

But fortunately anxiety is a product of the mind, and in the same way it appears we can eliminate it if we know how.

Silva Method and meditation: an effective and definitive solution for anxiety

Most people who suffer from stress are turning to medication to relieve symptoms, and the fact is that the drugs fail to relieve but really do nothing to act for the real reason that really suffers anxiety.

Anxiety is always there, remains under the surface waiting for the right moment to jump and make themselves known and the truth is that we are all exposed to suffer.

The key to not live your hand is knowing how to repel and scare her off, and that’s just one of the great pillars of the Silva Method Life .

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Did you know that thanks to the techniques and tools offered by the Silva Method learn to relax physically and mentally within minutes whenever you need it and where you want? This is essential to ward off the anxiety of your life and act on its causes, and now you can learn how to improve your well-being and quality of life.

If you want the most advanced and most immediate results techniques we recommend you read more about the course of the Silva Method, but if you want to start with the basics and learn to relax to ease anxiety we suggest you start by our free mini-course ” You no borders “where you learn to meditate on Alfa and thus reap all its benefits (including ease anxiety) to have a better quality of life and eliminate all your limits.

The truth is that the ability to calm down immediately can make you to be much less prone to anxiety.

So if you feel symptoms of anxiety approach, you can enter alpha state and regain control of your emotions and thoughts instantly. That is the key to avoiding anxiety!

When you learn to enter Alpha, you can override the automatic response that produces anxiety and calming the brain releases substances to counteract stress hormones that produce stress.

In addition, being in Alfa allows you to think clearly and see the situation from a different perspective; develops intuition helping you to make good decisions to solve problems; and he teaches to control the thoughts and emotions.

Actually, your brain is designed to change your current “programming”. And thanks to the Silva Method, in known exercise of centralization Alfa to learn to meditate on Alfa anytime, anywhere, and the use of techniques and exercises you can change your schedule and eliminate barriers that limit you to be who you always wanted to be.

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Beyond your decision, we want to remind you that you should not have to live with anxiety.

Many people resign themselves to live with it … But that’s the worst decision you can make!

Once you learn to relax and meditate on Alfa you realize the full potential that is inside you and how easy it is to change if you are proposing!

If you have not already, we recommend reading our free lessons here, and if you prefer to go a step further and acquire more advanced knowledge that change your life and eliminate all limits, then the course of the Silva Method, more 6 million graduates worldwide, it’s for you.

Anyway, remember, we are all exposed to suffer anxiety; in one way or another we have all suffered the consequences ever and if not treated in time the problem can grow.

But now you can remedy, and it is as simple as learning to relax and act on the problem to say goodbye forever.

And before closing, we wish we respondieras a question below in the comments section: What situations cause you anxiety?

Think about the times when you really are not 100% … Why is it? What is the origin of these symptoms?

Your answer is the first step to ward off anxiety forever.

Living without anxiety is not only possible but choose at what time you want to start doing it!


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