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Disclosure of Swadhiston Chakra. Video of Kundalini Yoga

Disclosure of Swadhiston Chakra. Video of Kundalini Yoga 3

Svadhishthana in Sanskrit means “the abode of me.” Svadhishthana Chakra
located in the pelvis, and its pitch are approximately the width of two fingers below the navel. Its stem is connected with the area of the sacrum and nerve plexus. This chakra is the center of the unfiltered raw emotions, sexual energies and creative abilities. It symbolizes change and individuality through an understanding of the uniqueness of the other.

An important function of this chakra is based on the confidence with which a person perceives the world.
We are attentive and caring in relation to the life around us, particularly attentive to the feelings of others, to take them. All this happens when we feel ourselves independent personality. This sensation is acquired in early childhood and is dependent on the parents and the immediate surroundings are a child. When a chakra is not in balance, a person may be no concern for others because of too much concentration on himself.

Svadhisthana chakra is the center of sexuality, sexual pleasures, including feelings of sexual desire and fertility.
It is responsible for sexuality more broadly. It is connected directly with sexual intercourse, as well as with the way we perceive our sexuality, our attitude toward sex that have received at birth. Since this chakra is related, and how we accept and appreciate themselves as men and women, on the basis of social norms – taking into account the age peculiarities and stages of life. Svadhisthana chakra is responsible for the realization of sexuality, sexual partners of choice for a lot of emotions, associations, related to sex.

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Video lesson Kundalini Yoga.
Activation of Svadhisthana Chakra.



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