How to Meditate: The Benefits

How to Meditate: The Benefits 3

Article written by Martin Laplace integral Writers Program Silva Method
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Meditate, a simple word that always sounds like a “weird” if you do not know what is. It is both simple and complex, meditate means to guide our thoughts toward a goal , for sure sometime in your life you prayed to your god, there you were meditating, guiding thoughts into a prayer as simple as that.

As you go into your mind to meditate becomes much more fun, our brain does not distinguish what is real from the imaginary, if for a moment, remember the last time you ate pure lemon juice, try, close your eyes and remember …

Do not start the glands to secrete more saliva? and what do you think happens if you spend all day with guided toward fear thoughts, anger, fear … that will do to your body?, which is why meditating has become a necessity, a need to take control of our lives so we can pursue our dreams aside fears.

Learning to Meditate benefits

Another of the many benefits we get from meditation is when we enter consciously alpha brain waves, remember the last time you were asleep and estiraste between-leg abruptly As if the dream with reality mingle? those are the alpha waves, the same as any child between 7 and 14 consistently produces.

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When we are in alpha, several curious situations in our body occur , we cut physical stimuli to get into our being, but simultaneously, you can use them to program our desired life, we’re doing a benefit to our body, how? Thanks to the endorphins released on that frequency, Endorphins are natural chemicals secreted by the body, and give us superior to any current drug benefits, our brain has the innate ability to heal us or destroy us , and everything lies in the way they are expressed thoughts, whether positive or negative.

How to Meditate Very easily

One of the easiest ways to meditate, it’s just focus for a moment on our breathing, as it goes through the nose and out the same, about 20 conscious breaths are already activating alpha waves, we can do preferably with eyes closed, in the most comfortable position may seem to us.

In the method Silva learn a dynamic meditation, that is, are voluntarily creating thoughts on what we want in our lives.

So in conclusion, the meditation is very necessary today to keep our body, mind and spirit in perfect synchrony, and thus, obtain and live our dream come true.

You can see here how to learn to meditate step by step.