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What are some tips for absolute beginners in meditation?

What are some tips for absolute beginners in meditation? 3

Meditation for beginners: 7 tips

When people think about meditation, they usually imagine a room where a person sits alone and tries to throw out of his head all thoughts. It’s not a very pleasant picture, is it? In fact, meditation is much easier and more pleasant, and most importantly, it is more useful than you think. And with the advice of “Challenger” you will be even easier.

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What are some tips for absolute beginners in meditation? 4


Meditation is not such an exciting activity as, for example, yoga or beach volleyball, and the effect from it is more difficult to notice with the naked eye. However, after beginning to meditate, you will soon notice that it became much easier to relax, stresses hurt you less, sudden headaches happen less and less, and you generally do not even remember about depression. “Challenger” collected 7 tips for the beginner, how to start meditating.

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Rauf Asadov the founder of Organic People, has been practicing yoga and meditation for many years

– I would recommend meditating to everyone who has a job with active brain activity and is accompanied by stress, as well as those who are often overworked and fall into depression. Meditation will also be useful to people who have a hard time in their life (high workload, crisis in their personal or family life). If you are prone to fears and panic attacks, meditation is what you need.

1. Choose a quiet place for meditation

Of course, meditation can be done in a noisy room, but it will be much easier to do this in a quiet secluded place. After all, your mind itself will be constantly distracted: some thoughts, feelings and events will pop up in your mind. Do you really want some external factors to distract you from meditation?
Good illumination will save you from drowsiness during meditation. The first time this is very important, because you will have to sit for a while with your eyes closed, not distracted by anything. Can you not fall asleep if the room is dark? However, all people are different, maybe it will be more comfortable for you to meditate by candlelight or in the dark. Listen to yourself, in time you will understand what is best for you.

3. Control Posture

You can meditate sitting, kneeling, lying – yes, whatever, the main thing is that you feel comfortable during the whole time of meditation. You must be relaxed. What is really important for meditation is your posture. Keep your back straight. Everything else is your choice.Also immobility is very important for meditation. No matter how much you want to move, do not do it.

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4. Be consistent

The best time for meditation is early morning, or vice versa, the evening before bedtime. Morning meditation will help you wake up, get up, as they say, from that foot. Evening meditation will relax, relieve tension that has accumulated over the day. However, this is not the rule at all. Perhaps you want to meditate in the middle of the day, to put your thoughts in order, to switch to new tasks. Over time, you will understand when you best meditate. And when you find the ideal time for meditation, just stick to it. Most importantly, do not throw meditation. As with muscular workouts, it will take time to see tangible results.
The biggest difficulty of meditation for beginners is just to avoid unpleasant thoughts. From the first you can not exactly stop yourself from thinking, after all, it’s the work of your mind – it performs it constantly, regardless of whether you decided to meditate or make a salad. Let your mind wander wherever it pleases, in the end, maybe, this is what you need to think about right now – in peace and quiet. What exactly you should not do is try to throw thoughts out of your head and get angry that you do not get out.
Meditation for beginners: 7 tips. Picture number 3

6. Concentrate on breathing

Pay attention to your body, its sensations and, first of all, your breathing. Feel the air coming in and out of the nostrils, as the stomach rises and falls during meditation. If you have unpleasant thoughts, do not worry. Just try to concentrate on the sensations, and thoughts will go away. Do this every time your thoughts start to bother you. Pay attention to yourself. Do not think that today you nahamel colleague – you have already spent enough nerves on him, now is your time, not his, here and think about yourself, your emotions and feelings from meditation.

7. Start Small

Experienced yogis can meditate for hours, but you are only a beginner. Do not immediately overload yourself, otherwise it can quickly bother you. Start with small meditation sessions for 5-10 minutes a day – so it will become a habit. And then you can extend the meditation sessions to 15 minutes or half an hour.

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