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What are your tips for meditation (duration, position, and hour of the day)?

What are your tips for meditation (duration, position, and hour of the day)? 3


“If you want to sleep peacefully, be able to take off the stress of the day before going to bed, get a charge of cheerfulness in the morning, relax your muscles, protect your body from stress, achieve harmony with yourself and the world around you, you just need to learn how to meditate .”

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What are your tips for meditation (duration, position, and hour of the day)? 4


I will tell you how to meditate properly . I will open all the nuances of meditation: what time to choose, how to prepare for meditation, what position to take, how to enter and exit meditation. Your first practice of meditation will begin today – an example of meditation will be given at the end of the article. Meditation is a technique of relaxing the mind , freeing oneself of anxiety and stress, unnecessary thoughts, the moles of “consciousness of monkeys.” Regular practice of meditation at home will teach you to control the minds, get rid of stress, improve memory and help you become aware of existence! So, let’s begin!

Before meditation, it does not hurt to get physically warmed up properly. It can be anything – yoga, qigong, jogging, gymnastics or even dancing. It is also good to take a shower and put on a cozy clean clothes. Some have special clothing for meditation : like the constancy of space and time, it helps tune. The atmosphere is helped by candles and incense. Someone likes to meditate in complete silence, someone is helped by quiet music for meditation – this can be experimented with. You can build a house altar on which there will be flowers, portraits of saints, objects from the beautiful or holy places where you were. The main thing here is not to be formal: everything that you put on the altar should calm and set you up.

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Time for meditation

Meditation for beginners

Different traditions recommend different times of the day – qigong talks about the moment of balance of yin and yang at midnight and noon, yoga advises sunset and dawn. In general, this is not so important. The main thing is that at this time you can completely retire and no one distracts you.

A place for meditation

A place for meditation

They say that the true master does not go out of meditation and in the center of the market square. But the master, and the beginner needs ideal conditions. It is believed that it is easier to meditate , facing east, – you can check it yourself. Place, like time, should be as calm as possible. It is better to always meditate in the same place and at about the same time. Then a persistent habit arises and it will be much easier for you to plunge into practice.

Pose for meditation

Pose for meditation

Traditionally the best pose for meditation is “padmasana” (Read the material: “How to sit in the lotus pose”), when both feet are looking up, but it is not convenient for anyone to sit in such a pose. Suitable and “half-lotus”, and crossed in Turkish legs. The pose should be comfortable and stable. But the most important thing is a straight, relaxed back. For this, beginners usually need a medium-hard pillow (for example, stuffed with buckwheat). If you find it difficult to sit cross-legged, you can sit on a chair. When the body is motionless, the blood circulation slows down, and you may become cold. So cover yourself with a blanket – you should be warm and cozy. Hands can be put palms up or down on the knees, the chin is slightly lowered, the eyes are closed. On his face a light “smile of Buddha”, the tongue slightly touches the upper sky.

The duration of meditation

You can start with a five-minute meditation, increasing its length for a few minutes every day until you reach, for example, an hour. The most important thing here is to feel the taste of the right state, and if you catch it, you yourself want to increase the time. To not think about minutes, make an alarm clock.

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The process of meditation

A place for meditationThe whole point is in a calm, impartial and silent observation of the inner and outer world. We must find in ourselves a state of clear, sensitive presence without thoughts, judgments and fantasies. Of course, it’s difficult even for a moment to get distracted from thoughts and what is happening around. As soon as silence occurs, you will immediately begin to sleep. Consciousness has not yet become accustomed to being empty and at the same time cheerful. But with every meditation this will be easier. Real deep meditation gives more energy than ordinary sleep. So, you completely relax and begin to contemplate your thoughts, feelings, sensations in the body, sounds and smells around. You should not react in any way to what you observe inside and out. It’s as if your consciousness is a clear sky, over which clouds fly, or a stream carrying fallen leaves. Everything that you perceive comes and goes, and you continue to observe. If you come up with some idea – you do not ponder it, but release it. One more comes – you do the same. And so on.


It is better not to make any movements during the entire meditation, but if something is heavily combed or hurt – make a motion gently, trying not to lose contemplation. Also watch your movement and then go back to meditation. If you suddenly noticed that for some time you are thinking about something or fantasizing, forgetting about meditation, just let go of your thoughts and continue to meditate. Such moments of “remembering-forgetting” will be many, through them and “muscles” of mindfulness and attention are pumped up.


The main criterion of progress will be the duration of moments of inner silence. Over time, there will be very pleasant states – peace, ease and bliss. If you do everything right, then love, awareness and spontaneous creativity in your life will be every day more and more. There are many techniques that help you learn to meditate faster. In the near future I will tell you about the most interesting and accessible ones.

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Practice of meditation

Start mastering the practice of meditation with a simple daily meditation relaxing the body and mind. Lie down in shavasana or sit in the pose of the lotus. Relax. Then relax all areas of your body. Start with the foot of the right foot, mentally ordering your body “I relax the foot of my right foot. I relax the caviar of my right foot. I relax the knee of my right foot. ” And rising higher (thigh, buttocks, press, brush, forearm, shoulder, etc.) around the circle go around the whole body. You must finish with your left foot. Pay special attention to relaxing the muscles of the face and neck (relax alternately the forehead, eyebrows, eyes, cheeks, cheekbones, back of the neck and chin).

Now pay attention to the breath . Close the right nostril, and inhale through the left. Then hold your breath, count to three, and exhale all the air from the lungs. Repeat this by closing the left nostril. Do this four times. Close your eyes and find some area of ​​your body where tension has remained. Work with this part of the body.

Then, visualize the warm, bright light. Feel the light of pure loving energy penetrating your body through the crown, feel how the world and heat spread to all areas of your body. You can visualize this healing white light that takes the toxins and all the negative energy from your cells out of the fingers of your feet.

Quietly repeat these statements to yourself: “This healing white light protects me. Breathing this light, I am connected with the divine energy. I am worthy of this healing light. I feel how my body is purified and healed by this light. I will keep this positive healing energy in myself throughout the day. I feel happiness, health and peace. “

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