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Useful tips for making inverted postures

Useful tips for making inverted postures 5

The inverted postures, like Sirshasana (Posture on the Head) or Adho Mukha Vrksana (the Pine), do not leave indifferent any yoga practitioner: there are those who love them and others avoid them due to fear and lack of confidence in their ability to face them. In this blog post we give you some useful tips to make inverted yoga postures.

Inverted postures require strength, control and balance, qualities that are worth cultivating, both in our yoga practice and in our daily lives. Among other benefits, putting the head below the heart increases our energy level, encourages us to look at things from another perspective (literally) and helps us fight fatigue and depression.

Useful tips for making inverted postures 6


In general, it is recommended to do a good warm up before trying the inverted postures like the Pine . For example, a few turns of Surya Namaskar or Saludo al Sol make the breathing become conscious, deep and fluid while we activate the muscles to use during the inversions: in the upper back, abdominal area, arms, hands and legs.
In yoga, perseverance is very important . For this reason it is also suggested to try the inverted positions frequently, every day, if it can be. In this way, strength and confidence are cultivated and learning to let go of fear.
Fear can be an ally rather than an enemy if we let ourselves be guided by it , using it to advance with intelligence and with our senses wide awake. Many teachers tell us that inverted postures are great to change our relationship with fear.
Use a wall if the fear of falling is the main barrier for you to try to make the positions inverted . Another good idea is to ask your teacher to provide physical support during the class when it comes time to make the Headstand or other investments such as Pine.

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Useful tips for making inverted postures 7
Knowing our limitations and respecting them can be very helpful . You do not have to hurry or measure yourself with others. Forcing the rhythm to achieve inverted postures can increase the risk of injury. We have to work from where we are with honesty and developing strength at our own pace.

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