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6 Tips for your first Yoga class

6 Tips for your first Yoga class 3

Yoga is one of the most common classes or workshops that can be seen in a gym, and thanks to its practice it will be possible to relax the body so that muscle fatigue from exercises is minimal. However, muscle stress can occur not only in this way, but also due to the accumulation of stress due to work stress, bad postures, etc.

Although there are not many centers dedicated to the teaching of Yoga,  allows you to take part in classes of this method of relaxation without the need to enter a gym. Live new experiences and dare to do this activity. Next, know some tips for your first class.

6 Tips for your first Yoga class 4


Be quiet
When you arrive at the first class, the first thing you will observe will be the silence that is lived there. Many of the people who are there will find themselves meditating, stretching or preparing for the class in general. For this reason do not interrupt the meditation of others and take advantage of this space for reflection.

Comfortable clothes
The best option in this regard is to wear long sports pants. If possible, avoid wearing shorts. With regard to footwear, Yoga is done barefoot so it will not be a problem. Remember that you can enjoy the experience of practicing Yoga.

Instruments of help
In this section there is the mat, rubber blocks and garters, all these elements of important character to achieve some positions within the same class.

Enjoy the experience of being the new
The vast majority of Yoga classes begin with the singing of ” OM” which is followed by a Sanskrit mantra. Being you the new one, nobody will wait for you to know it. Just close your eyes and listen to others.

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Breathing is key
The first step before performing any Yoga activity is to use the correct method of breathing. The best technique within this is to absorb as much oxygen as you can in each breath and then exhale it little by little. Repeat this process more frequently until it finally adapts to your own way of breathing. Once you are adapted to this type of breathing, you will begin to see the results in your daily life.

It is a method of relaxation, not exercise
The positions of Yoga have not been created to cause pain, on the contrary, its function is to stretch the muscles to seek to release tension in the body. For this reason, if you feel that something hurts or even bothers you, stop doing it and look for the correct pose or let your instructor know.

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