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What are the best exercises to do for stress relief?

What are the best exercises to do for stress relief? 7


Physical exercises to relieve stress have no contraindications. They relieve emotional stress and burden the liveliness of people who feel tired.

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What are the best exercises to do for stress relief? 8


Take the starting position: lie on your back, stretch your arms to the sides. Bend your knees and lift the lower limbs so that the legs are parallel to the floor. Now slowly lower them to the left. Tear the legs off the floor, describe the circle and place them on the right side. Make 4 rolls. Make sure that the body and shoulders do not come off the floor during the exercise.

After completing the last roll, you will not return to the starting position. Stretch your legs together so that their socks touch the left hand. Lift the right legs above yourself and describe it with wide circles. The left leg remains stationary. Make 5-10 circular mahov. Repeat the exercise by changing your legs.

Starting position – get on all fours. Lean your left shoulder on the floor and turn around the body. The left arm is stretched out in front of him, the right hand is above his head and is resting against the mat. The body must be perpendicular to the pelvis. Compile the position – extend the right leg, place the sock on the floor. Exit for 10 seconds. Gradually return to the starting position. Repeat the same movements in the opposite direction.

Complete the complex of breathing exercises to relieve stress. Stand upright, spread your shoulders. Put your hands above your head, take a deep breath. When you exhale, you lean forward and lay down your hands, touching the ground. Breathe in and out twice more. The last exhalation should be short, as it were, pushing the air out.

What are the best exercises to do for stress relief? 9


This relaxing technique was developed almost a century ago by the American physiologist Edmund Jacobson. At one point the doctor noticed that the periods of tension and relaxation of the muscles alternate. Based on this observation, he decided that achieving a deeply relaxing effect could be stressful, straining the specific musculature.

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Before starting the exercises, focus on breathing. It must be calm and slow. Stand up straight, squeeze the right (left for left-handed) palm into a fist and bend the wrist until it stops. You can tighten your arm maximum. After 10-15 seconds you exhale and relax the limbs. Rest a third of a minute. Keep the same time intervals in the future. Bend the right arm at the elbow and press the elbow joint into any surface. Relax your muscles. Repeat the same manipulations with the other hand.

Continue to imitate exercises. Throw your eyebrows as if you are surprised and open your mouth wide open. The next step is to stretch the muscles of the central part of the face. Bring your eyebrows, close your eyes, wrinkle your nose. Relax the muscles of the face. Wide smile with tight closed lips. Finally, practice the neck muscles: shake the head slowly while the head is thrown back and forth. Have a rest. Pull your head in your shoulders and drop it on your chest.

After relaxation, focus on the muscles of the body. About inspiration, bring your elbows for you. Stretch your arm muscles as hard as you can. Relax while exhaling. Do the same with the shoulder blades, inhale the back while inhaling. After rest, the abdominal muscles are loaded.

The last block. Bend the left lower limb into the knee, tighten the muscles of the thigh. Apply the same foot forward on the heel. You spread your toes with spread fingers. Duplicate the movements with the right foot. The number of repetitions of the complex is 3-4 times.


With nervous tension there is a feeling of lack of oxygen. Lack of air causes superficial, light breathing or unconscious breathing. Correcting the situation helps breathing exercises to relieve stress. Some of these exercises require serious physical training. For example, Pranayama is available only to those who have been engaged to hatha-yoga for six months or a year. But there are basic exercises that anyone can do.

What are the best exercises to do for stress relief? 10

Breathing exercises   from stress – complex of five minutes:

  • Stand up straight, close your eyes. Concentrate on the circulation of airflows in you. Take a deep breath slowly, count mentally to five. Gradually exhale over the same period. Repeat the exercise 9 more times.
  • Make your nose a superficial breathing in and out. Then breathe in completely and let the air go through the mouth. Breathe out slowly. Complete the exercise with superficial breathing. Repeat 5 more times.
  • Open your eyes. Put your palm under the solar plexus, take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Observe how the hand is being lowered and raised at this time. Repeat the action 5 times.
  • Close your eyes, imagine that the sky is an element of bliss and peace. Breathe slowly. Feel the exhale pain and fatigue in every cell of the body and let yourself be exhale.
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In the beginning it suffices to breathe well for five minutes. In a week you can complete the complex with new exercises and extend the class by half. For a month it is desirable to bring the training to 20 minutes per day. Similar exercises, carried out outdoors in an ecologically clean place, strengthen the respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous system, improve immunity and general well-being.

I continue the subject about dealing with stress itself and without soothing pills. We already know that this can be done with the help of soothing teas . The next step is breathing exercises to relieve stress.

Gymnastics not only makes it possible to calm down, but also to enrich internal organs with oxygen, to improve the general condition of the body.


There is a fairly large number of types and breathing techniques that can cope with stress and also with many other problems. Let’s take a look at the basics.


It is natural for a person to breathe with the stomach, ie with the help of a diaphragm. It promotes a more complete filling of the alveoli with air, which means that more oxygen is absorbed.

Let’s watch positive results   from this process:

  1. Blood is saturated with oxygen
  2. Improves the work of the cardiovascular system and blood circulation
  3. Prevent bronchopulmonary diseases through natural massage internal organs
  4. The lungs have been cleared (especially useful for smokers)
  5. Helps to deal with shortness of breath
  6. The work of the digestive tract is normalized
  7. Improves the work of the kidneys, pancreas and gallbladder
  8. Weight is normalized


Because there is an increase in intrathoracic and intrapulmonary pressure, it is necessary for people with hypertension to abstain from this technique.

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Implementation rules:

To get the most benefit from this exercise, you need morning and evening. You do not have to be distracted within half an hour. The minimum course is 6 lessons. Body position: sitting or lying down.

  • We relax as much as possible
  • In order to control the breath, we have hands so that the right is in the abdominal area and the left in the chest.
  • The chest remains motionless and the abdomen rises when it is inhaled and falls with an exhalation. The depth of inspiration is 3 times shorter than the expiration. Approximately 15 breaths must be performed within a minute. Breathe slowly, through the nose, for at least 15 minutes.

Dizziness may occur as a result of sudden oxygen saturation of the body during exercise. After a while everything becomes normal and the body will get used to it.


Relieve tension, feelings of anxiety and reduce pain syndrome will help the breath of the candle. Because of its properties, this method of breathing is often used during childbirth.

Technique of execution:

  • Accept a comfortable attitude.
  • To facilitate the process, you can use a burning candle. It takes 20 minutes to blow the flame so that it makes an angle of 90 degrees.
  • Relaxation music will greatly improve the effect.
  • Breathing is frequent and superficial. Breathing quickly passes through the nose and the mouth makes a strong and smooth exhalation (blowing out the candle).

There may be slight dizziness due to an excess of oxygen, but the amount of endorphins in the blood increases, which also reduces pain syndrome.

Pregnant women must have this method in advance.


This is the technique to control vital energy through breathing exercises.

Due to a change in the ratio of oxygen concentrations and carbon monoxide (carbon dioxide) there is a positive physiological effect on the body and the specificity of the breathing has an influence on the psychosomatic system.

The advantages of Pranayama:

  1. Positive effects on the brain
  2. Massage of internal organs
  3. Strengthening the nervous system (sympathetic and parasympathetic)
  4. Extension of adaptive functions of the body
  5. There is resistance to different experiences
  6. Strengthens the consciousness
  7. Introduces a state of calmness, lightness and joy
  8. Fight with excitement

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