Mind Control: The 3 Big Reasons That Prevent you from progressing

Mental control: The 3 big reasons that prevent you from progressing 3

How many times do you wake up with the intention of carrying out your important tasks and finished the day with the feeling of not having done anything productive?

That has a name: it is called Procrastination , although some call ” the thief of time ” or “the famous morning start .”

But either she, procrastination, is to blame for us to stop doing those important activities and instead do other that we find most pleasing and have no other purpose than to extend our great task.

Look at this infographic:

mind control: procrastination
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What you can see it is “the cycle of procrastination”, ie, all we can really do with the sole purpose of further delaying this important task we should do.

But there’s more: Due to the pace of life we ​​lead, it is estimated that 9 out of 10 people suffer “evil thief of time” as many call it.

And you have to know it’s not your fault … Moreover, most of the time we begin to procrastinate for three big reasons that are repeated over and over again.

3 major reasons for the famous “start tomorrow”

I would like to share with you, because I know you can help your life away from this unhealthy habit:

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1. Fear

Did not it ever happened that you stopped doing something just because you were afraid of not knowing how to do it, not keep up or fail?

2. Activation

Have you ever delayed a task, leaving for later and later and later … Until you stay longer to keep postponing it and you had to finish making a hurry and not wanting?

3. Indecision

Have you ever happen to want to do something but do not know where to start or how to do it and eventually you missed thinking about the best way to do something without actually making the decision to do so?

These are the three main ways by which the vast majority of people have the habit of procrastinating, procrastinate and “leave them for later.”

But also…

Mind Control: Procrastinating has serious consequences

Between them…

* Cause stress and anxiety because deep down we know that at some point we’ll have to do that task to avoid.

* Makes waste your energies by concentrating them at little or no important tasks away from what you should do.

* Separates you from your goals because procrastination is directly related to the “inaction” and therefore that makes you delay actions that bring you wherever you want.

* Alter your mood and your mood constantly reminding you that you have to do and bringing more frustration and wear.

And much much more…

We all have the ability to fix it, what happens is that most often confuse laziness, exhaustion or lack of motivation procrastination …

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And what actually happens is that for one of 3 reasons you read above, we avoid doing things we should be doing.

Indeed, the first step is to identify this and realize how we feel …

In a few days I will be sharing how you can ward off this bad habit that affects us all and how to say goodbye forever,
but first I’d like to ask …

How you feel?

After reading this, do you think you are between 9 out of 10 people who tend to procrastinate every day?

Which of the three reasons you think is your case?

Tell me about your feelings and your answers compárteme leaving a comment below.

And remember, as the saying goes … do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today