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4 steps to effective creative visualization


The 4 steps for effective creative visualization


Since the beginning of humanity, man has always possessed an innate ability that makes it different from other living beings-“imagination”.

Imagination is a skill that allows us to create an idea or mental image. When this process is intended imagination and use it to build what we want, then we are talking about creative visualization.

Benefits of Creative Visualization

Creative visualization is a powerful tool that helps us to manifest and attract

Creative visualization allows us to improve our life and health to attract success and prosperity. Some of its benefits are:

  • It helps us improve our lifestyle.
  • Transforms our environment.
  • It allows us to attract abundance into our lives.
  • Thanks to creative visualization learn to connect with right people.
  • We attract into our lives pluses: health, happiness, love, work, etc.

Creative visualization is our gateway to a life filled with blessings, and in which we can achieve everything we want.

4 steps for effective creative visualization

Creative visualization is “magic” in the very sense of the word. It implies that we understand the natural principles that govern the action of the universe and we have learned to use these principles in the most conscious and creative as possible.

If we had never had the joy of seeing a spectacular sunset, we would believe that is something miraculous (though actually it is). Later, seeing several times the same phenomenon, we would begin to understand how it is produced, and little by little we seem natural and not something mysterious.

So does the process of creative visualization. What we initially may seem impossible, it is perfectly believable as we learn to implement that process.

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To achieve effective creative visualization there are 4 steps you must follow:

Begin with the end in mind.

Creative visualization to be effective it is important to be specific with what we are going to ask the universe, and to achieve this we must start by defining what our goal .

To facilitate this, we recommend that before writing a list of desires . Once you have your list, chosen as the first target it easier. The idea is to go from strength to strength , while the technical perfections.

Create an image.

The law of attraction works with images . So at this point it is you make a very clear of what you want to achieve mental visualization.

We recommend you to work one physical image of your goal so you can familiarize with it. For example, if your goal is a house, you could take a picture from a magazine and let her put in a visible place in your room or space where you spend more time, so you can see it several times throughout the day. Then try to re – create it in your mind with details, and imagine yourself in the present tense and feeling enjoying the moment.

Repeat, repeat and repeat.

For proper creative visualization it is important to constantly invoke the mental image of what you want to achieve.

The more times you remember your target, the closer you are to achieve it .

Think about your goal positively.

Finally, it is important that every time you think about your goal positively do.

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Use positive affirmations and visualize always succeeding . As you make your affirmations seeks to discard any sign of doubt or distrust, and make a habit of feeding the belief that everything you want is real and possible.

Creative visualization is a space that allows us to meet again with our inner child. It is a technique that helps us to use imagination to achieve any goal.



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