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What should everyone know about yoga for weight loss?

What should everyone know about yoga for weight loss? 1

Yoga Positions For Weight Loss: 4 asanas that you will make at home easily

yoga postures for losing weight


Are you looking for a healthy way to lose weight naturally? Want to learn ways how to relax your body and improve your health from the inside?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I’m happy to report that you are not reading this article in vain.

I’m not a “pro” in yoga, but often reading about it and trying to meditate a bit, this topic became interesting to me, as well as to you. TO

Somehow I faced the question of where to start, what the simplest yoga postures for losing weight and improving inner harmony will suit beginners.

In general, if you are a beginner, we will try to understand these issues in more detail.

Why yoga can help in losing weight?

The answer is simple…

Yoga is one of the easiest ways to overcome stress and relax your body. Today in our modern world everything changes so quickly that we do not have time for everything. We constantly run, we want to catch everything, forgetting sometimes not only about ourselves, but about our loved ones.

We, besides, that we litter our body with toxins, but also we are in a state of constant stress. We all have a busy schedule, sometimes disagreement with the authorities and much more.

If you address the problem of stress and fatigue to a doctor, he will prescribe to you certain medications that will even more kill you. Yes, at once they may help, but in the long run it is unlikely.

And many people today want to be healed naturally .

Many women and even men today want to constantly control their weight and spend too much time on it.

But sometimes even when trying a healthy diet program, many still fail. And then they tell the trainers on healthy nutrition that their programs do not work. But, the cause of all this can be stress.

memory problems

Yes, and they sometimes destroy us. Each time, receiving a signal about stress, the brain commands the adrenal glands to produce a hormone called cortisol.

It is he who instantly reduces the activity of the immune system, inhibits cognitive functions, slows down the digestive process, but promotes faster breakdown of proteins and carbohydrates and activates the muscles.

That is why during periods of stress we easily catch a cold or flu, lose our appetite and a healthy sleep, sweep from corner to corner and think hard – all this is the result of the action of the hormone cortisol.

And only when the brain receives a signal that the stress has passed, cortisol begins gradually (with the help of special enzymes) is removed from the blood.

WOMAN magazine calls this hormone – the hormone of death! And this can happen if any of the critical situations are hard to take to heart, as people say.

Above we wrote, with the increase of this hormone in the blood there is a tension (activation) of the muscles, remember?

But along with this, the tension of the main muscle tissue of the body, the heart muscle, also occurs. More than once I’ve probably seen how in episodes or films people undergo strong attacks during intense stress, right? Here it is – the action of the hormone cortisol.

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That’s why you have to pay attention to exercise or yoga, as a means of reducing the level of cortisol and relaxation of the body.

But where to start? – you ask…

As I wrote, many people today want to lose weight and heal their body naturally and at the same time, focus on improving physical, emotional and mental well-being. Working on these aspects, I read a lot of reviews and for all yoga does amazing things.

So let’s figure out where to start.

I went over a lot of information on the Internet and collected everything here in this article …

We choose time for classes …

centimeter and clock

Yoga is preferable to practice early in the morning, for maximum relaxation and maximum weight loss, while your brain is clean. In this case, you get a charge of energy for the whole day.

However, once you change your mode in such a way that you get up 1.5-2 hours earlier, not everyone succeeds, and it will not be useful if you change your way of life too drastically.

Start small, try to get up early for 10 minutes and give it time to classes. Increase the training time gradually, per week for about 5-10 minutes.

Yoga pays for the time that is spent on it: you start to sleep less and spend your time more efficiently.

In addition, soon you will feel that the asanas (poses) perform every time more easily, and after a while yoga will become a habit, and you will not even have enough exercise in days without training.

If you miss one day – do not worry, and most importantly, do not feel guilty. A pacified mood is just as important a part of yoga as an asana. Do not blame yourself, remember that yoga is including positive thinking, and just keep practicing.

We choose a place for classes …

The place for practicing yoga should be warm, quiet, clean and even. You must be sure that no one will disturb you there.

Domestic should be warned not to distract you, disconnect the phone. By the way, early in the morning, you most likely will not be accurately called, this is another plus of the morning time.

We choose a set of exercises …

It is important that the complex for classes is properly compiled. Any posture should be prepared and compensated. In addition, each pose must be performed correctly.

Start the exercises for a few minutes. Having mastered the complex for beginners, start making longer complexes of asanas.

I, in turn, picked up some of the simplest and basic yoga postures that will help you control your weight naturally …

By the way, here are some more exercises that will help you lose weight faster:

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Yoga postures for losing weight 

1. The position of the child

pose of the child - samaga simple yoga posture for natural weight loss

This is one of the most beloved and simple  poses among yoga lovers for deep relaxation and healing.

Stand on your knees on the rug, and then sit on your heels, lean forward, so that your chest rest on your feet and head down your forehead to the rug. Hands can be spread on each side.

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Then relax and relax, breathe deeply.

2. Pose of a cat and a pose of a cow

yoga postures for losing weight

and then …

cow posture

Cat and cow postures are smooth movements that gently stretch the spine.

At the same time, you work with hips and press, and the work of the heart also increases. This asana is performed on the hands and knees. Simply alternately bending the spine, so to speak, up and down.  

When you perform these movements, pay attention to the pleasant sensations of the tide of energy circulating around the body.

Feel every muscle that is tense and inhale in them, while releasing stress from them.

3. Pose tilt forward.

posture tilt forward

This posture is performed while sitting, better for beginners. It perfectly makes us tense a little.

In this movement, we can let go of the past and all our pains, thinking about what is happening now. This asana is easily accomplished. Simply sitting bend forward, trying to reach the legs, approximately, as in the picture.

4. Pose of the mountain

pose of the mountain - excellent yoga posture for weight loss beginners in yoga

Yoga posture of the mountain, asana which is performed standing.

Place the feet at a distance of the shoulders apart. Here you just need to feel the feeling that you have entered into resonance with your body.

In this pose, as in the first, you can meditate a little. Think about the coming day, and imagine how well it has passed for you.

This will give an additional impetus and make you move in the right direction, be focused and rested.

Of course, apart from these poses, it is worth paying attention to other aspects, especially those beginning in yoga. This is the choice of clothes, places, rugs and so on.

We choose clothes for classes …

Clothing for yoga can help make classes more comfortable and pleasant, so this part should be taken quite seriously.

So, what should you consider first of all when choosing clothes for yoga? Clothing for yoga must be pleasant to the touch, soft, it is better from natural fabrics, it should not irritate the skin during the classes and restrict movement.

It is better to choose clothes with simple cut, without seams from a knitted single fabric. On clothes for yoga, nothing superfluous should not be.

Buttons, zippers, pockets, rhinestones for training are unacceptable. They will only interfere, and distract from their studies. Preferably clothes are natural (natural) shades.

Clothing should not be very distracting from the main meaning of yoga, namely, from the perfection of the soul and body.

Choose a yoga mat …

Yoga mat

Here, as Tatyana points out, you need to take into account the nature of the classes.

To perform joint exercises and simple prone lying, you can use almost any rug (for example, tourist, for fitness, a double-folded wool blanket (classic Indian recommendation) or bath mats (about 60 cm wide, sold “on the cut” in construction markets) ).

The main thing that he was not too soft (not to lose his balance) is pleasant to the skin, and did not have an unpleasant smell.

If you are interested in the topic of yoga therapy, we suggest you listen to the auto-therapy ” Yoga therapy versus pain in the back ”

To perform even the simplest poses (asanas) of yoga, it is better to purchase a special rug. A special rug has a lot of advantages. Such mats have a “non-slip” surface, which is important when performing many poses.

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The length of the mat should be at least 175 cm. The thickness of the rug provides softness of practice. On a thicker rug, it will be easier for you to put an elbow or knee on the floor without causing discomfort.

In addition, a thicker rug will not let the cold from the floor, which is important in the relaxation posture. Optimum thickness for rugs made of plastic 5-6 mm, for mats made of natural rubber and high-quality rubber 3.5-4 mm.

The best purchase  is an environmentally friendly mat made from natural rubber. This mat is safe for your health. It will be a pleasant purchase and will set you up for a serious practice. Those. the acquisition of a good rug, will be an additional incentive to practice.

… and other equipment for classes.

Strap for yoga. 
Belts for yoga allow you to perform the asana correctly, even without the necessary stretching. The belt is, in its own right, an “extension” for your hands and feet.

Usually the problem is that we can not get our hands or feet to the necessary places to perform the asana (pose), and the belt, in this case, can just help.

I recommend choosing a belt made of cotton or other natural materials. You can buy belts for yoga in many yoga shops or sporting goods. Instead of a special strap for yoga, you can use a regular belt, scarf or towel.

Bedspread or plaid. 
It will be required for you to perform a relaxation posture at the end of the practice. In order not to freeze and relax as much as possible, it is better to cover with a rug.

Preparation for yoga practice.

Yoga should be practiced on an empty stomach. 
If you are engaged in the evening, should pass at least 2-4 hours after eating. Before practice, you can and even need to drink some clean water.

Do yoga better by taking off your excess jewelry, hair clips, watches, etc.
These wonderful accessories in everyday life, become a burden during classes! Not to mention the violations of blood circulation.

A few words about contraindications

Yoga can not be practiced:

– at body temperature above 37º;
– with exacerbations of chronic diseases;
– within 3-5 hours after the bath;
– in a state of severe physical fatigue;
– Immediately after eating;
– for any acute diseases of the internal organs (for example, with exacerbation of pancreatitis or cholecystitis, appendicitis, etc.);
– with severe heart damage, severe ischemic disease; in the first 3-6 months after myocardial infarction;
– with infectious lesions of joints, for example, infectious or reactive arthritis.

As a conclusion

Our opinion – you simply have to include some yoga exercises for weight loss in a natural way and not just for weight loss.

Yoga will allow you to constantly control your weight and be in shape. The same applies to exercises for weight loss. You can help not so much physical exertion as mental relaxation.

Simply, it seems to me that in order to do yoga you need a little less effort, equipment and time. But this is my opinion!

Are you still looking for ways to lose weight naturally? Include yoga in your daily routine.

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