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What yoga asanas should I practice to reduce fat especially belly fat?

What yoga asanas should I practice to reduce fat especially belly fat? 1

Exercise of yoga for the abdomen and the press

Yoga is the science of ancient Indian culture, which includes spiritual, psychological and physical practices aimed at recreating the harmony between spirit and body. Over the past 10 years, it turned out that some asanas help keep the physical form normal.
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Even thin people can not boast of a perfect body, especially women. Fat cells like to settle on the bottom of a once thin waist, and under no circumstances from there do not go. This greatly damages the figure, prevents you from wearing a beautiful wardrobe and relaxing in the photo. Help pump up the bottom and top of the press, to make a beautiful silhouette can be an effective set of exercises – yoga for slimming belly for training at home.

Does yoga help you lose weight and remove your stomach?

Special asanas – poses performed at home or in the room, contribute to the rapid burning of fat in the abdomen, affect the heavy bottom and slimming the entire body of women.

Ancient practice focuses on sensations. A person is in the state of Shanti, that is, attains harmony and peace. Those who have been practicing for many years know all the pits – the fundamental principles that were formed over 2000 years ago and still remain relevant to this day. Most people try to comprehend yoga from asana, and this is the third step and one must come to it through knowledge. For beginners, it is recommended to first understand the principles of the first two steps, and then move on to poses.

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If you decide to study at home to remove fat from your stomach, pump up the bottom and top of the press, you can learn the science of ancient practice with books or online lessons. For example, Vlad Zavolokin gives good lessons for women on a special portal of yoga for the abdomen and body. Poses are better to learn from detailed photos and descriptions in a few minutes. The answer to the question of whether yoga helps to lose weight and remove the stomach is positive, if you do everything technically correctly and regularly.

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Asanas of yoga for the press and waist

Yoga and special asanas for a flat stomach, which can be performed at home, differs from the usual power loads in that it affects the muscles without changing their length.

Exercises for weight loss and special breathing techniques make the body clean the lower abdomen, work faster. Yoga also strengthens the metabolism. Below are the most famous techniques among women, which are used for weight loss in the abdomen and thighs.

snake posture

Duration of the lesson and their frequency

Long-term studies have shown that 30 minutes a day of regular exercise is enough to lose weight each week at 1.5 kg.

Weight loss is achieved through the right approach and exercise for 30 minutes. During the execution of the complex of exercises, even for beginners, the body begins to actively use food, not allowing it to be deposited on the lower abdomen and waist region.

But to achieve a lasting result requires regularity, consistency and patience. The first results in the form of a flat stomach will please only after 4-6 months.

Half an hour a day you can achieve amazing results. Choose a direction and reach Shanti, being in perfect harmony with your body and spirit. Beautiful press for 30 minutes a day – it’s real.Yoga for beginners to help.

What kind of yoga is effective for losing weight?

This set of exercises for beginners helps to strengthen the process of burning fat, inflating the press and reducing the hips of a woman. But before you start practicing at home, take at least a couple of lessons from a specialist. We are not talking about Shanti, the main thing is that there are no injuries. For convenience, wear knitted trousers and a loose t-shirt. Below you will see the 5 best asanas for a slender body.

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Yoga exercises for the belly and sides: 5 best asanas

  1. Cobra

Lie down face down, chin and toes to rest on the floor, palms are located on the sides next to the shoulders. Slowly inhale and stretch the upper part of the body upwards, bending at the waist to the limit. Hold for up to 30 seconds. Slowly exhale and in the starting position. The number of repetitions is 5 times.

Helps remove fat from the problem areas of women, burn calories, bleed the bottom of the press, strengthen the spine and the entire upper part.

  1. Bow

The starting position is the same. Legs are straight, hands on each side. Bend the lower limbs in the knees and try to reach out to the fingertips or ankles. Inhale – lifting the head and bending the back back, try to raise your legs up to the stop. Exhalation – rest for 15-30 seconds, you can stretch the stomach. For beginners, this position should be repeated 5 times, then increase the time.

  1. Bridge

Lying on the back, we keep our feet together, and our hands along the body. We let in air from the lungs and raise the straight legs, stretching our fingers. Having reached the maximum point, lift the upper part of the trunk, so that an angle of 45 degrees is formed. Deep breathe, hold 15 seconds. Exhale and descend. Repeat several times every half-minute.

Similar asanas and yoga in general make the waist thin and strengthen the back.

  1. Board

Lie on your stomach, stretch into a string, hands on each side. Climb on your hands, as if you want to surrender. Focus on the tips of the fingers of the lower limbs. Feel the tension, hold it for 20-30 seconds. Repeat 5 times, every 15 seconds.

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The most difficult exercise for beginners, but best of all helps to clean the stomach and sides with yoga. Suitable for studying at home.

  1. Attenuation

Lying on the back, hands on the sides, legs straight and set so that the socks looked to the sides, and the heels touched. Inhale – we bend our knees and pull them to the chest, straining at the same time the bottom, the upper and the center of the abdominal muscles – the arms around. Deep breathe, do not straighten for 1 minute. Exhalation – the initial posture.

This task women can perform not only to achieve a fine figure at home, but also to strengthen the spine, relieve the pain in the back.

Carry out the complex regularly and see how yoga slimming belly and sides helps remove excess deposits, forms a figure effortlessly at home. Doing regular, learn to reach Shanti.

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