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What yoga posture reverses ageing?

The practice of yoga is the perfection of mind, body and spirit. Therefore, the benefit of such physical exertion should be multiplied by 3. Meditation relaxes and relieves stress, clears thoughts. Regular execution of asanas normalizes blood pressure, prevents heart disease, helps the body cope with depression and insomnia. In addition, it develops flexibility, strengthens muscles and increases endurance. Graceful Aging […]

Is There Any Yoga Tips To Cure Cubitus Valgas? 8

Is There Any Yoga Tips To Cure Cubitus Valgas?

There are various alterations in the alignment of our body segments that can injure us. One of these changes is the  valgus knee , also called  genu valgum  or  knees X . This video describes what knee valgus is and a stretch is proposed to correct it or at least to slow it down. Loading… What is knee valgus? The  knee valgus  is an  alteration of […]

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