Mind Control: Instruction Manual for the mind. (Part 1)


Article by Ivan Vega member of the Writers Program Silva Method

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The main tool we have to build our lives and our success is our mind, and the quality of life we have is directly related to the quality of the mind, if you sow mind seeds of success in your life you will see reflected success it is for this reason that exercising and program your mind is fundamental.

If you want to control your life, you must first control your mind

Often people fail when trying to meet a goal or to adopt a new habit, however it is not for lack of ability or willingness but simply because they are using your mind in a wrong way, here I present the basic rules which operates the mind, analyze your thoughts and you notice that you might be violating them recurrently, it is important that you go slowly getting used to follow and you will soon see the results.

Principle Precipitation : Everything that exists in the material world at some point existed in the mind of a person, the screen you are reading this, before being built was conceived by a designer and the building in which you find yourself now, it was first created in the mind of an architect.

How do I apply?

If you want something to happen in the material world must first exist in your mind often displays what you want to create, when impregnate the unconscious with the image of what you want to create mind, this is precipitated in the physical world, meditation is an excellent tool to impress the unconscious mind.

• Principle approach . The mind is the main force that has the human being, our thoughts generate energy capable of shaping the reality of the physical world, however, this energy must be focused on a target, mental energy works best when it is concentrated as a laser beam having a high power.

How do I apply?

Always it works based on objective, if you do not have a clear focus your energy will be scattered, if you focus on achieving a particular goal then your energy will concentrate and put all your resources in place to that goal is accomplished, think of the sun’s energy , there is everywhere but when you put a magnifying glass on paper, the energy is concentrated and is able to burn the paper, so it works the mind to focus it.

• affirmative principle.  The mind only works in the affirmative, for the unconscious mind there is no denial, if I say: Do not think of a blue elephant is on two legs on a green ball and holding an umbrella red with his trunk … What happened ? Was an elephant precisely what you thought, this is because the mind needs to take a picture of words to understand.

How do I apply?

When you want to achieve a goal do not focus on what you do not, if not what if you want, change the “no late” to “get there early” do not think of “no fail” think “pass the exam”

• Principle Attention: That on which we focus our attention grows. Remember when you wanted a bicycle for Christmas and suddenly you’d see bikes everywhere?

Bicycles did not appear magically, the bikes have always been there that just were not paying attention to them, he who seeks finds, and the more you think about something, more and more are getting that something.

How do I apply?

Focus your attention on what you want to grow, if you started an exercise routine not you wonder what have I been doing wrong? Ask you concentrate on what I’m doing fine? For the least that is your progress Focus on the and see how you will be finding more and more progress, do not ask Why not work?

Why always ask if it’s working? Think for a moment: What do you want to grow in your life good or bad? Now you know that you have to focus your attention, recalls: “He who seeks finds.”

These are the basic principles with which the mind operates, and some examples of how to apply What other ways can you think apply? …

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