How to Meditate and reduces stress

How to Meditate and reduce stress 3

Article by Psic. Irazu Ana Rocha Navarro Writers Program Member Silva Method Life

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Most of the time we live in a hurry, and it is uncommon to spend some time to do a review of us, perhaps often try to be aware of the lives of others, work, economic problems and other issues that might cause stress In our life.

Learn meditation requires patience and perseverance

Meditation is a tool that helps quiet the mind and body, it is advisable to practice daily for 20 minutes.

Meditation helps us become aware of our thoughts with this I mean that commonly live disconnected from ourselves ignoring where are the thoughts that daily are in our mind atunconscious level, does not mean that meditation can dominate the thoughts if not that practice may be less attached to them getting less disturbing.

Meditation helps reduce stress , anxiety, feelings of anxiety, depression , feelings of emptiness, because the level of serotonin is increased in the brain, creativity is stimulated, you increase your level of concentration, you develop intuition, increases the feeling of peace.

Physically provides a decrease in pain associated with bodily tension such as headaches, insomnia, muscle aches, there is a feeling of relaxation, lowers blood pressure, helps to correct posture and keeping the back straight.

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I learn to Meditate: You provided some steps to get you started to make a simple practice:

Put yourself in a position that feels comfortable, close your eyes, keep your attention on the breath, realizing how are you? If you’re agitated, anxious, quiet, etc. Feel the beat of your heart, starts recording if there is any part of your body that is tense, and relax slowly, is likely to start appearing thoughts that might divert your attention but try to see them as if a screen you have in front you, watch them and let them pass and you do not stop to analyze, again put your attention on your breath, inhale and exhale for 20 minutes.

I also invite you to review these simple steps to learn to meditate and if you can not meditate invite you to visit this article: how to meditate without knowing meditate