How to Increase your productivity using Meditation

How to increase your productivity using Meditation 3


Did you know that meditation can help you increase your productivity?

Our everyday life is fraught with problems, noise, distraction, haste; all these are aspects that generate a lot of stress, and do not allow us to remain disconnected or achieve quiet moments.

With the global economic crisis and many people looking for ways to achieve balance, many techniques of self-knowledge have gained strength, and one of them is meditation.

 What is Meditation?

Meditation is a process through which you learn to train your mind to keep it at the present moment , ignoring that annoying inner voice who keeps reminding judging or things that prevent you from moving forward, and do not let you enjoy now.

 What does the meditation productivity?

It turns out that personal productivity consists mostly you are able to manage your attention: if you are able to focus on a specific task, you are a more effective person.

The problem is that our mind is hard to catch. Usually it goes from one side to another, and that has a negative impact on our productivity.

Failure to keep concentrated podernos has a lot to do with the amount of daily problems we face, and that lack of ability to live the present moment.

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In the business world, many companies have found that meditation is an excellent tool to help your employees stay more balanced and therefore more productive.

Google, a company that has been characterized for being very innovative in their area of ​​Human Resources in 2007 began a program led by Meng Tan Chade- called “Search your Interior”.

This program started from the premise that emotional intelligence helps increase productivity, creativity and happiness; and the two main pillars of this program were meditation and positive thinking .

Chade According to Tang, an emotionally healthy person, you can become more productive and creative. Why Google is always looking for happy workers, because they know they produce more.

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In addition to Google, other companies that have been shown that meditation increases productivity.

One case is Tower Co, a company that has managed to reduce levels of absenteeism and increase productivity since it began offering its employees free meditation classes.

Even so companies like Coca Cola and Reebok, or prestigious universities such as Harvard, have reduced labor disputes and workers who have shown a greater willingness to work, thanks to meditation.

How does meditation to be more productive?

In conclusion, meditation is an excellent tool that you can use to be more productive , because it offers the following benefits:

Meditation will help reduce stress

Stress is one of the greatest murderers of productivity, and through meditation, learn to control it.

When you practice meditation improve your concentration

Through meditation you learn to control your mind, and do not waste time thinking about many things at once.

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You get mental clarity

Mental clarity is essential for sound decision-making, and is one of the great benefits that meditation gives you.

It helps you improve your personal relationships

Working in a place with poor working relationships is an ingredient to diminish your productivity; and even meditation will not make your fellow cease to be toxic, if it will help you improve the way you interact with them.

In short, meditation is a practice that benefits good way in your personal productivity. If you want to learn to meditate, you want to give 8 lessons that will change your life.

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