How to Eliminate your fears Once and for all

How to eliminate your fears once and for all 3

Fears you have inside they arise from past experiences that in one way or another have marked the way life time and how you react to it.

Our fears prevent us that we achieve the things we want in life and a successful career, a loving family, a good relationship with your partner, a good relationship with himself / herself and all those important things that give meaning to life and determine your happiness and the happiness of the people who are next to you.

OUR FEARS WE RESTRICT, NOS dwarfing and separate us from our happiness

Many of these fears are rooted in experiences and programs that we had in our childhood. For example, children are told to eat enough to grow strong and healthy, which is fine when you are small but when you grow up and your body is no longer growing up but for the sides, that programming and do not useless, if not you is harming health.

Another example of erroneous programming is when we go to school and our parents tell us: “If you do not get good grades then you will have a mediocre life” but the truth is that many people who took such
good grades in school have incredibly successful lives so you can not miss condition that now in your adult life.

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We all have fears. We may be afraid of losing business, losing money, losing your partner, fear of death etc.

I know someone who is afraid of loneliness, so just think of the day when their children grow up and touch them leave home and does everything to prevent this from happening; attempts to control the lives of children preventing them from traveling, make friends, try to spend more time at home and that is not physically stay away for a long time on your side.

However, this fear that she has her anguish is not only creating it right now but also is creating children who are not unhealthy for them and for future generations.

Fear is a vicious circle that if you do not stop now found yourself / a will affect the present and future happiness of your family.


How to overcome these fears then?

The secret is to return to the root of the problem: the erroneous programming you have to change it now.

The brain has two hemispheres: the right and left.
The left hemisphere is responsible for part of language, logic and keep the experiences acquired in the outside world through our 5 senses.

The right hemisphere on the other hand, is responsible for creativity, intuition and keep the experiences we acquire the spiritual and emotional world.

The programming is not working in the right hemisphere so you should solve this “problem” with this part of your brain. This explains why try to solve the problems with logic and manipulated the outside world will not solve anything and will help fix the situation.

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I imagine you’ve heard the saying “all in your mind,” that’s good to regard one must use the right hemisphere is, visualization and imagination to solve this kind of problem.

The only way to activate the right brain to change this program is to bring the brain to function 7 to 14 cycles per second where you visualize and imagine the positive experiences you want to buy for your brain to store that information.

The way to achieve these 7 to 14 cycles per second of brain activity is to reach the alpha teach you the lessons level. This will help you practice your subjective senses for you to change all that negative programming and so you can set goals to improve your life.

The exercise you should do is:

1. Identify any programming that you think you needchange (this is something that has long bothered you about yourself or others you have said) eye-> Only one thing, you know that all trades.

2. Now think about how you think should be the situation or how you should behave

3. Now go back to Lesson 1 course free of Silva Method Life containing the audio relaxation you reach the alpha level. (Ifdo not have lessons you can geton the right side bar)

4. When in the alpha level POSITIVA displays the ideal situation for your
brainlearn from this.

These changes take some time so you need to practice whenever you can. You’ll see changes as perseverance achieved it.

Remember all this in mind, so you have to change that mind so that every day you’re getting better and better.

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Have a wonderful day!