Silva method: the benefits of taking a nap (exercise includes)

Silva method: the benefits of taking a nap (includes exercise) 3

Meditation and wellness: benefits of napping

You know what Napoleon had in common, John Kennedy, Leonardo da Vinci and Churchill?

Four loved nap, that short sleep after noon.

Not only it reduces stress and helps to have a more productive afternoon, but even at times when the list grows obligations nap is a good way to recharge and cope better with the remainder of the day.

Studies show that napping is one of the most powerful tools for personal growth as well as improving the health and welfare also increases intelligence and focus.

Since Silva Method we put at your fingertips all the tools that help you live longer and better, which will provide welfare, improve your quality of life and help you be happier.

So today we want to tell you about one of those tools that, combined with your daily meditation, you can make big changes in your daily life: take a nap.

You want to know why it is so healthy and how it should be a good nap? Let us begin.

Silva Method: Why is it so good nap?

His name is of Roman origin, and comes from one of the rules of St. Benedict in ancient Rome: silent and rest in the “sixth hour” after the midday meal.

Its benefits are proven, there are hundreds of studies and research supporting how healthy it is napping and more and more countries are added to that short period of sleep before starting the work in the afternoon.

One in four Germans have a habit of resting after eating. So do 16% of Italians, 15% of the English, Spanish 9% and 8% of Portuguese.

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It is customary in some Latin American countries, and its benefits are so many that in countries like China, Taiwan, the Philippines, India and Greece have already begun to incorporate.

But why is it so good nap?

Among its many benefits apart from reducing stress and increasing productivity are improving memory and learning is good for the heart, increases vigilance and increases the creative function.

It also provides a motivation to exercise, increases creativity, enhances mood and strengthens our consciousness.

It also helps us to awaken the senses and make better decisions, reduce the risk of heart disease, increases the vitality of our body and spirit, improves brain functions and our reflexes, helps balance the body’s hormones, prevents wear and it helps complete sleep cycles.

These are just some of the benefits of taking a nap, and are the result of numerous studies and research; as the recent study by researchers at NASA thousand volunteers, and revealed how a nap about 20 minutes increased cognitive abilities by 40%!



Silva Method: 12 tips for a good nap

As you see, take a nap has countless benefits, but you must know how to use them is “the ideal siesta”.

Here we share 12 key tips to make the most of the benefits of those minutes of sleep:

1. The ideal time is between 14h and 16h, just after lunch; so that is subject to the time you normally eat. In ancient Rome, for example, it recommended between 12 and 15h.

2. To aprovehcar the most of your nap make sure your sleep is not disturbed by any noise from outside. Turn off your mobile phone.

3. Activate the alarm to sound when you have completed between 15 and 30 minutes of sleep (that is ideal for a good nap) and never superes time. Otherwise, if no active alarm, probably sleep for hours and wake up more tired, with headache and cranky.

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4. Many people when they wake up from a nap have some kind of instability or a sense of disorientation, particularly the first few days. If it happens, sit back and relax for five minutes before you get up.

5. To wake up from your nap, wash your face, drink a glass of water and salt to a few minutes to open for fresh air active tea.

6. If you prefer, put some soft background music.

7. Try to set a schedule to your daily routine in which you include nap. That way, you ‘ll have the time reserved and will not alter your other tasks.

8. Try not to consume large amounts of coffee or caffeine, especially before your nap.

9. Check the temperature of the room in which you take a nap and make sure you will not feel hot or cold while you sleep.

10. It is proven that many people sleep better and more relaxed when they are dark. If possible, darken the room or use a mask / visor.

11. Before entering your “siesta zone” tries to free your mind of any thoughts. In any case, focus on something you like.

12. Do not feel guilty. Take a nap does not make you lazy: it is a very simple technique you can use to improve your health and well – being both physically and mentally and emotionally.

Silva Method and Meditation: Exercise for napping and meditate

We’ve spoken on many occasions of the benefits of meditation a few minutes every day but now also taking advantage that you will include nap in your daily routine, we want to share you a meditation exercise and nap will help give a boost to your day to day.

If you want more information about what you can do to improve your life and how meditation can help it and give even a radical change, we invite you to read more about us on this page Silva Method.

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And now, notes exercise:

  • 1. Stretch legs for 30 seconds.
  • 2. Sit on a chair or sofa. If you are and work, turn around or head a little of your desktop.
  • 3. Close your eyes.
  • 4. Stretch your arms above your head and turn slowly to stretch the neck.
  • 5. Make three deep breaths slowly, and keep a space between inhalation and exhalation.
  • 6. Relieves face, jaw, eyes and the whole body.
  • 7. Consider how you feel while you relax.
  • 8. It calms the mind and let go all thoughts. If a thought comes, accept it, let it go and try to empty your mind.
  • 9. Ignore the noise just as you ignore the thoughts. Do not be angry with the noises and try to see them as if they were waves on the boat of meditation.
  • 10. Open your eyes slowly after 15-30 mintues. If necessary use a timer or clock for it. Take some deep breaths and stretch your arms, neck, legs …
  • 11. Feel rejuvenation!

Since Silva Method are convinced to spend few minutes a day to nap and meditation make big changes in your life, so we invite you to try it for a few days and tell us how it went. You’ll like it so much that wish to do it every day.

Did you know the benefits of napping? Do you take naps regularly? what do you think about this information?

Leave your comments and your opinions and sure you get the benefits of a good nap every day ????your body needs, your mind too … and your well thank you !

Remember if you want more information on improving your life, and learn advanced techniques and tools to awaken your full potential and maximize the benefits of meditation, you can visit our site over the course of the Silva Method.

Let enjoy your nap!