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Mental control: Are you a slave to “Others”?




Article by Ivan Vega member of the Writers Program Silva Method
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“If you do the same as others get the same as the other”

What will others think? … That’s one of the most crippling phrases that have existed in human history, from simple questions such as: “I can not wear those clothes, they laugh at me” or “I will not say a word on the board that could say stupid “to,” I could not try to do this that I love, others think I’m crazy “

Unaware people can get to enslave themselves, thinking too much about what others want, and never thinking that’s what they want themselves, this explains why there are so many people who have lives, boring, miserable , tedious, unhappy or unsatisfactory, answer the following question: When was the last time you stop doing something I wanted only for fear of what they said others … Now ask yourself: When was the last time I did something that I did not want just for fear of being wrong?

When you become a slave to “what people say” automatically kill your creativity and bury your personality, immediately nullify any possibility of being completely happy and to enjoy the things you love to perform, they do make you feel full, stop being yourself and you become a faithful copy of “average”

Notes that usually happens when you have a project, a goal or want to do something different that is good for you, there will probably be people around you that:

1. He’ll tell you all the reasons why you can not

2. try to convince you that really is not worth it

3. It will make fun of you.

4. You criticize severely.

In some cases you may also find people who:

1. You tell all those reasons if possible.

2. Seek to motivate you go any further.

3. We will support you in what you can

4. We send good vibes.

You should try to surround yourself with people who belong to this second group, since they are good friends and are people who contribute to your success.The people can become very critical of that person that somehow seeks to excel. Pay close attention to the people around you, try to surround yourself with positive people who drive you perfect yourself to yourself, an important part of programming your mind comes from the people around you, any goal you want to achieve will be easier If you surround yourself with the right people.

The next time you find yourself in a situation where you spend your energy worrying about what someone else may say about you, or when you’re trying to please everyone do not forget to measure the size of critical before paying attention to what this person has to say.


1. “others” are not pioneers in anything or trendsetters, are simple followers, all those who have managed to be successful in any area of ​​life have had to do something different risk of being frowned upon by “others”

2. Try to surround yourself with friends who accept you as you are and not criticize you for being yourself, friends to support you every you have a project, a challenge, a goal and encourage you to do your best to achieve it.

3. All people in the world are different, do not try to please everyone, if you try to be “normal” then you are ceasing to be yourself and condemning you to be unhappy.

4. DARE TO BE DIFFERENT . Performs all the positive changes you want in your life and move on to get them .

“If you surround yourself with positive people you will become positive”


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