The Importance of living in the present moment

The importance of living in the present moment 3

live the present moment

Did you know that many people spend about 70% of their time recalling past events or situations creating “perfect moments?

In fact, it is said that only 30% of our time is dedicated to fully live the present moment.

It is not wrong to remember moments that made us very happy, nor display ideal situations for us. The problem occurs when we can never be happy with now.

Many people spend their lives imagining they will be happy if they manage to have enough money to go on a trip; newly married couples sometimes think they will feel complete only when they succeed in having children; or professionals wishing they spend a promotion and think they have it just to feel professionally made.

Again I repeat, it is not bad to have goals to achieve them we know that we will feel good; the problem is mistakenly think that our happiness depends only on achieving these objectives; instead of thinking that happiness should be part of our daily journey.

Why is it important to live the present moment?

Undoubtedly, this is the only reality we have at our disposal; while last longer I left behind and the future is yet to come.

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You live in the present moment is learning to recognize our emotions and feelings, being able to prevent the sadness of past memories or anxiety about the future paralyze us.

Live this also means that we can cope with the best attitude all the good and bad that happens to us; besides that we enjoy every situation, connect with ourselves and everything around us.

How to learn to live in the present moment?

This is a moment that holds great peace situations, learning, joy and well-being, but not all know how to experience fully.

Why then I share with you 3 tips to help you live the present moment:

Remember that you can not control everything that happens to you

Control everything that will happen to us is part of our survival instinct. So, if for example we know that it will rain, it is normal that we be cautious and if we go out, consider bringing an umbrella with us.

However, not everything in life can be controlled. When we anticipate everything that “could happen” stop living the present and begin to live overwhelmed and stressed, thinking too far ahead.

Therefore the key is to be aware of this situation and learn to be tolerant of what is uncertain and able to implement solutions whenever arising setbacks.

Release the burdens of the past

The past often occupies much of our attention.

There are many people who spend pining for the moments that made them happy, or regretting past mistakes, and this is a heavy burden to think about carrying all our lives.

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It is important that we learn to see things from the past in a positive way, taking learning that encloses every living situation.

P ractice meditation

Finally, there is no better exercise to learn to live in the here and now that meditation.

The main feature of meditation is that it is an exercise through which we practice mindfulness. Through meditation we learn to pay full attention to what we feel and think at the present time.

As the song says, this is all I have and this is all there is. So we invite you to try to pay full attention to everything you do at every moment, and learn to enjoy every conscious, awake and attentive day.


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