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Suppose today is Tuesday, and that’s one of the days you have chosen for your yoga practice at home. You already have the mat on the floor, a printed sequence and also a breathing exercise, and even you thought about a concentration technique for the final. But you have no desire to do so. And besides, you is the thought that if you do not today, I leave. But you have many things to do at home, work, family … And with a head full of things you do not fancy anything to do yoga.

Did you spent?
To me yes, and a great friend of MindYoga4U, who wrote me this message that has been the source of inspiration for this article:

Naylin good day, I would like to consult you . How could I do to be consistent in the practice of yoga, and I start all very well, I’m seeing the gradual changes that occur in my life in psychological and physical appearance and suddenly seems boicotearme myself and stop doing and again routine before, even with meditation think the same ….

A big hug from Salta province of Argentina.



Have you felt before a huge desire to practice yoga, some days you felt like you did a lot and regardless of the list of tasks to be done? Surely if, as surely you have experienced the opposite experience, not having courage to do yoga or anything, and you choose to do “compulsory” things but really rather be lying in bed.

You see the difference?
How can this happen, even from one day to another, even from one moment to another, if we are the same person? The difference has to do with the state in which we find ourselves. There are states that fill us with energy as love, bliss, self – confidence, faith; and others that paralyze us and not allow us to move forward, such as depression, confusion, jealousy, fear, frustration …

We all have moments of these types of state.
Like when you go home and see your neighbor greets you and takes just scowling. It may be because you have a life full of obstacles that could not manage. But most likely you have discussed with your boss at work or disobeyed his eldest son and left slamming the door. You know that usually it is not, he always greets you with kindness, but now is in a state that limits it , that moves away from happiness.

Understand the state we found is an important step towards our own welfare, because what we think and what we do usually is given by the state in which we are at that time.

The key is to be vigilant, to realize our current state and understand, observe without judgment.


Notice how at the time where you really want to do something, you have a lot of energy to do so. Remember those times when you sat down to meditate, breathe consciously or practice some asanas without even having it planned. At that time everything flows, and before they think and are doing yoga, because yoga is a state of awareness and consciousness.

However, when your mind’s thoughts “should” do, “should” now practice yoga, you enter a state of conflict, struggle, and therefore energy loss arise.
And this waste of energy for all the effort that we are devoting to think about the fact you want to practice, but you have no desires. Through your head you may go all the benefits they’ve told you or you experienced yourself; or your family member or friend who encouraged you, telling you why are not regular in your practice; or you have thoughts of childhood when your parents told you you were fickle and you never have strengthened enough. And all this evolution of thoughts we waste time and energy, and return to a state in which instead of increasing our desires to practice, we feel worse than before. Instead of feeling once again that wonderful process that is yoga, the path that leads to the deepest regions of our being, we are almost ready to mourn (not joy) because once again “you’ve given defeated”.

fresh mind

My invitation for those times when you “should” but do not from the heart, not you with that energy, with those forces to practice, stretching forth yoga mat gently on the ground and sit on it alone for a few minutes . Once seated, quiet, observes, without judging, the state in which you find yourself.

Sit in a comfortable position (preferably up straight!).
Sit in a comfortable position (preferably up straight!).

Maybe you’re tired, or a list of things to do, or you feel bad because someone told you something and you decide to offend. Be aware of your emotions for a moment, but without labeling good or bad. Look at them with a fresh, new mind. And you’ll be well penetrating the true nature of your being. You will thus practicing yoga, because you’ll be conscious for a moment of everything that happens within you.

And maybe then, unexpectedly, a change occurs.
Perhaps after having stopped for those few minutes to watch you , your status changes, because you have faced and what you understand. Maybe then you have desires to practice asanas or breathing, and at the end you realize that you feel better rested, cheerful, centered. But even if this does not happen, you can be happy because you can cross off your list of “things to do” the task of practicing yoga, because that awareness and that awareness in which you were for a few minutes, that too is yoga.

” It is the mind that does good or evil, which makes miserable or happy, rich or poor.”

Edmund Spenser

A hug of light for you,



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